A Guide to Window Replacement in Different Seasons

Most areas of North Carolina and South Carolina enjoy four distinct seasons. Even if you reside in a temperate part of these states, such as Charleston, there is a dip in temperatures during the fall and winter seasons. Weather, average precipitation, and other related factors can impact when Carolina homeowners schedule exterior home renovation projects to be done. If you’ve been thinking about having your windows replaced, the information in this guide will help you figure out when to take the plunge.

Perks of spring and summer window installations:
    • The temperature shouldn’t be an issue – Generally, Carolina weather during the spring and summer months lends itself to outdoor renovation projects. Ideally, for example, window caulk needs to be used when the outdoor temperature is between 40 and 80 degrees. If you choose to have your new windows installed during the spring or summer months, your contractor should easily be able to find a day that falls within those parameters weather-wise.
    • You won’t have to worry about expansion – Certain window frame materials, namely vinyl and aluminum, expand during warmer weather and contract when it gets cold. Therefore, if your windows are installed during autumn or winter, there is a chance that they will expand and cause problems when it warms up again. Caulk and silicone can crack, causing air leaks, and, in extreme cases, window panes can even shatter as a direct result of window frame expansion.
Perks of fall and winter window installations:
    • You are likely to save money – Because contractors tend to be less busy during the cooler seasons of the year, they often cut their labor rates to drum-up business. Due to this, it’s quite possible that you will save money by having your new windows installed during fall or winter. You may also save on material costs because both window brands and home improvement retailers tend to have sales throughout the holidays.
    • You shouldn’t have to wait long – One of the downsides of choosing to invest in new windows in spring or summer is that you might have to wait at least a few weeks for your installation contractor to have an available date. This is usually not a problem in the fall and winter, though. As a matter of fact, your preferred professional might be able to start your job within a day or two. This is especially good news if you are having your windows replaced due to an emergency, such as a broken pane or a major malfunction.
Ways to prepare for your window installation:
    • Remove furniture from the area – Whether you are having one window or numerous windows replaced, it is courteous to remove furniture and decorative items from the area before your contractor arrives on the day of the job. This way, the team will have clear access to the window opening or openings that are to be worked on.
    • Turn off your security alarm – If your home is equipped with a security alarm, make sure it is off and the security company has been notified before your window replacement project starts. Once the installation crew starts taking window frames in and out, it could send your security system into high alert! This is frustrating and easy to avoid.

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