A Guide to Working With A Contractor Now vs. A Decade Ago

Over the course of the past ten years, a lot of things have changed. A decade ago, for example, smartphones were still a relatively new technology, and today people can’t imagine their lives without them! Other significant cultural changes, like the rise in at-home movie streaming and grocery delivery, have also arisen over the last ten years. Thus, it serves to reason that the ways in which homeowners interact with general contractors have also shifted significantly. As you continue reading here, you’ll learn more about some of the changes that have taken place in the homeowner/contractor relationship as time has passed.

What did the process use to be like?

Even just ten years ago, the process of choosing and working with a remodeling contractor was very much based on reputation and word-of-mouth recommendations. If you had friends or family members who had had work done on their homes locally, you would probably ask them for their suggestions and hire whoever they trusted.

Once you had found a local general contractor you were comfortable working with, you would have a few meetings with him or her to discuss your upcoming project and make sure all of the necessary plans and blueprints were solidified. This entire process would likely take place in-person or, perhaps, on a landline phone.

What is the process like today?

Nowadays, technology has dramatically changed how homeowners and contractors work with one another. In this section, you will discover a few keys ways in which your next experience with a general contractor is likely to differ from a similar project ten years ago.

  • Online reviews – Although word-of-mouth recommendations still bear weight in the home construction and remodeling industry, online reviews are significantly more important now than they were a decade ago. As a matter of fact, you may find your next contracting company without ever talking to someone you know in real life!
  • Apps and computer programs – Today, instead of having physical blueprints drawn-up for your renovation job, the entire project is likely to be planned on a computer or even a smartphone. Not only does this make it easier for everyone involved to collaborate with one another, but it means you don’t always have to have face-to-face meetings. Instead, you can use video conferencing and other forms of technology to communicate.

You don’t have to go local – While there are certainly a number of benefits to working with general contractors who are based in your area, modern technology makes it possible for homeowners to work with professionals who primarily serve other regions. Although these experts will probably have to travel to the construction site at some point, all of the prep work can be done on the internet.

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