A Modern Take on Copper

For centuries, copper has been used in construction and home design. From ancient civilizations to modern decor showrooms, copper has undoubtedly stood the test of time. In eras past, however, copper’s greenish-blue patina was allowed to take center stage, making the material look rustic and weathered over time. In today’s world, however, brands and interior designers alike are turning to highly polished copper that has a pinkish-gold hue. As you read on, you’ll learn more about how to best use copper finishes in today’s homes.

Don’t use copper by itself

One of the great things about polished copper is that it is extremely versatile. Whether your home is a historic gem in Charleston, South Carolina or a rustic cabin in North Carolina’s mountains, you can make copper work. However, using this as the only finish in a space can quickly become overwhelming. Instead of using only copper, pair it with other metals that coordinate nicely. If, for instance, you’re remodeling your kitchen, you may want to mix copper drawer pulls with brushed pewter knobs on your stove. Consult with a designer if you’re struggling to find combinations that really suit your space.

Let copper cookware function as decor

Whether you inherited a family member’s copper pots and pans, you collect vintage pieces, or you have a set of copper cookware and utensils you use on a regular basis, allowing your items to serve as decor is a great option. Open shelving, which is extremely popular in today’s kitchens, creates the perfect backdrop for polished copper cookware of all kinds. Just make sure you keep it shined if you use it often!

Use just a touch of copper

Some homeowners want the copper touches in their homes to make a big impact while still being subtle. A great way to do this is to choose something that will be used frequently, such as a faucet, and make it the only copper piece in the entire room. If you’re not sure how to incorporate just one copper accent, talk to an interior designer or to your contractor.

Consider copper light fixtures

Some people worry about keeping copper fixtures clean and polished, especially if they are parents of young children. A great way to add the warm look of copper without installing items, like faucets and drawer, pulls, that get touched frequently is to pick copper lights. There are dozens of beautiful copper light fixtures on the market today, so are sure to find something that works well with the style of your home. Consider, for example, adding copper pendants over your kitchen island or using copper sconces in an elegant powder room.

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