A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Replacement Windows

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No matter how old or new your home is, if you plan to live in it for quite a few years, you are probably going to have to install replacement windows at some point in time. Sometimes, windows get old and stop working correctly. In other cases, they are broken during bad storms; this is especially true if you live in a part of the Carolinas that is often affected by hurricanes. In yet other instances, windows become damaged because daily life happens. No matter why you’re thinking about having replacement windows installed, the information in this guide will be useful to you. Below, you will see the steps your professional contractor should follow when he or she puts your new residential windows in. 

    1. Preparing the space – Employees of reputable window installation companies will want to leave your home in the same condition they found it. If they do make a mess, they should clean it up at the end of each workday, and they will take precautions prior to starting the job. Drop cloths are likely to be placed under every window that is to be replaced. These will catch any dust and debris that falls on the floor, allowing it to be folded up and removed from your house simply. 
    2. Getting ready to insert – Before your new replacement windows can be installed, the team doing the work will have to prep the area where the old window was. In most cases, this merely involves cleaning the space to get rid of dead bugs, dust, and dirt. In some situations, however, new weatherstripping will need to be installed and other repairs, like fixing water damaged areas, may need to be made. 
    3. Insulating and sealing the windows – No matter how high-end and energy efficient your replacement windows are, they won’t do their job properly if they aren’t installed the right way. Once the opening for a new window is ready, it cannot simply be inserted with no preparation. Instead, your contractor should insulate (or wrap) the frame and seal it into space, rendering it both airtight and watertight. If you notice your installer skipping any of these steps, ask him or her what is going on. You need to be able to trust that your windows are going to hold up over time! 
    4. Cleaning and leaving – As mentioned in the first step, trustworthy companies should make sure all of their team members are trained to clean-up the homes in which they work. This includes removing all tools and materials, vacuuming each room where windows were replaced, and putting back any furnishings that had to be moved during the project. Make sure the crew in your house leaves things as they found them! 

At Hatch Homes, we take great pride in doing exceptional work. Families we’ve served throughout North Carolina and South Carolina agree that our team is both highly professional and easy to work with. If you are planning to have replacement windows installed in your home soon and you would like to know more about us, contact our office as soon as possible. We are here to answer all of your questions and to help you pick the ideal windows for your lifestyle. 

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