Add Designer Curb Appeal to Your Home With These Tips

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If you don’t get a proud, happy feeling when you drive up to your home each day after your work or errands are done, it’s probably because your house lacks curb appeal. Fortunately for you, there are all sorts of relatively inexpensive changes you can make to make your home much more aesthetically appealing than it is right now. As you read the rest of this guide, you will see a number of designer-inspired tips that will give your Carolina or Virginia home the curb appeal you’ve been craving!

  1. Add gingerbread touches – Although “gingerbread” detailing and molding is traditionally used on Victorian homes, it can add visual interest to houses from other eras as well. The main thing you need to remember with gingerbread is that a little bit goes a long way. If you use too much of this type of decorative molding, you run the risk of your house actually looks like it’s made of candy!
  2. Go ultra-modern – If you want people to be instantly drawn to your house, don’t be afraid to use some avant-garde touches. Clean lines and lots of glass will add contemporary appeal to any home. Frosted glass garage doors, for example, are a great option for people who love this look. The ultra-modern design looks best on homes that have a mid-century modern look or a super contemporary design overall. In small doses, however, they can also be used on more traditional homes.
  3. Change your front walk – If you’re like a lot of other homeowners, the walkway leading from the sidewalk to your front door is probably one of the most overlooked parts of your yard. Today, manufacturers offer all sorts of ways to elevate the look of your front walk. Flagstone is one option, which will give your house a cottage-like look; they are ideal for people who really want a “white picket fence” appearance. Brick pavers are another great choice; they come in a number of variations to match any home style.
  4. Add awesome lighting – In all likelihood, you spent quite a bit of time picking out light fixtures for the inside of your house, but not much choosing your exterior lighting. Decorators, though, love using incredible lights outside as well. These will instantly draw the eye to your front porch, especially at night. Lantern-style porch lights are one great way to totally change the look of your home without spending much money.
  5. Use flowers to your advantage – Designers know that flowers are a crucial component of curb appeal. Not only do they add both color and texture to your exterior decor, but they simply feel inviting. One of the advantages of living in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia is that there are a number of flowers and ferns you can grow outdoors for most of the year. If you have questions about what kinds of plants best suit your lifestyle, though, talk to an expert. You’re more likely to enjoy having plants if you choose options you can easily care for.

The team at Hatch Homes loves big and small exterior remodeling projects. We believe that even small changes can have a huge impact; our clients’ smiles when they see their houses are proof! If you’re interested in meeting with one of our experts at your Carolina or Virginia property, give our office a call at your earliest convenience, and we’ll get your appointment scheduled.

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