Aesthetics Aside: Other Major Perks of Residential Window Replacement

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Home renovations of any kind can be overwhelming, but some jobs are certainly bigger undertakings than other. One major renovation project is replacing all of the windows in a home. In Charlotte, NC and the rest of the Southeast, big windows (and lots of windows!) are extremely popular. How else are you supposed to enjoy the stunning scenery?


Having a large number of windows, though, means that you have to spend more money to replace them, which can cause homeowners just like you to put this job off for too long. There are a variety of reasons to consider replacing all of your windows sooner rather than later, however. Of course, new windows look better than old ones, but there are many benefits even more important than aesthetics. You’ll learn about several of these below.


  1. Your home will be more energy efficient – If it’s been awhile (say, at least a decade) since the windows in your home were replaced, the odds are good that your current panes and frames aren’t very energy efficient. This not only makes your home colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, but leads to higher utility bills year-round. Another perk? Some homeowners are eligible for tax credits when they upgrade to energy efficient windows.
  2. You will have fewer noise issues – Older windows, especially those that are single pane, tend to let in a lot of unwanted outside noise. Live near Charlotte Douglas, for example? Replacing your windows will eliminate a lot of airplane noise. Even if you don’t live by a runway, you’ll be much less bothered by everyday sounds, like cars backfiring and local kids playing outside.
  3. Your possessions will last longer – The older your home’s windows are, the less likely it is that they have UV protection. Ultraviolet rays can fade furniture upholstery, carpets and rugs, photographs, and precious artwork. Modern window glass is typically engineered to block about 95% of UV rays, helping you keep your beloved possessions in good shape for as long as possible.
  4. No more storm windows – Storm windows can be a complete hassle. It tends to take at least a day to put them in and another day to take them out, not to mention the fact that you have to store them somewhere when the weather is warm. If you’re sick of using storm windows, investing in new, energy-efficient panes that can stay in all year is one of the best moves you could possibly make.
  5. You won’t have to worry about precipitation inside – Over time, windows often begin to leak. This can be due to a number of factors, from faulty installation to your house naturally settling. No matter what the underlying issue is, nobody wants to have to deal with rain and snow inside. Replacing all of your windows should eliminate interior precipitation once and for all. Phew!
  6. Keep your family safe and sound – Newer windows have more security features than older ones. If you want to sleep more soundly at night, replacing your home’s windows might be just the ticket.


Hopefully, you’ve been convinced that this is the perfect time to replace your home’s windows! The experts at Hatch Homes would love to work with you to find the ideal residential windows for your needs. We’ll take your lifestyle and your budget into consideration to match you with the best window frames and window panes for your family.

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