Anatomy 101- The Roof

A roof is more than just shingles on top of your house. In this post, we will break down the anatomy of each part of a roof. After reading this you will have a better understanding of your roof.

Roof Deck- Commonly the material used for this is plywood. The purpose of decking is to create a structurally sound base for the exterior of your roof.

Felt- This layer is applied directly on top of your roof decking.It is added to provide an extra layer of protection.

Waterproofing underlayment-While there are multiple types of underlayment they all serve the same purpose. That purpose is to add an extra protective layer under your roofing materials that act as a water repellent.

Gable and Gable Roof- The gable is where the roof pitches into a point. Since this area is separate from the rest of the roof it requires its own roofing section, hence the gable roof.  The shape really depends on the structure of a home, the climates in your region and material that is available.

Drip Edge and Rake Edge- This is the first installation section of your roofing system.This is applied along the perimeter of your roof deck made up of long, skinny piece of metal. Drip edges run along the region of your eavestrough. Rake edges run along the gable ends.

Ridge Vent- This vent is installed on the crown of a sloped area. The vent helps hot and humid area escape from the attic.

Valley- These areas are created when a roof forms a “V” in the structure.

Hip- Another type of roof, this is the slight slope that you see that points downward.

Eve and under eave vent- Section of the roof that hangs over the wall structure. Under eave vent is the intake vent that allows air to freely enter the attic.

Flashing- This is the material made out of aluminum that helps prevent water from entering in through the joints.

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