Anatomy of A Window

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As a homeowner we may not link anatomy and windows together. However, understanding the basic anatomy of a window and their functions is equally as beneficial. Windows are complex and are made up of many different parts. Familiarize yourself with these key terms and you will be talking like a pro in no time!

  • Glazing or Glass- Typically is known as glass but can be referred to as glazing too. The types of glass most commonly used is single pane, double pane and even triple pane.
  • Stiles- Located at the side of the window is where you can find this at. The main purpose is to be the vertical support in the frame of a window sash.
  • Sash- This can be found running up and down the length of the window. The sash is what holds the glass in the proper place.
  • Side Casing and Head Casing- Casing lays horizontal and is the vertical mold that boxes in the entire window. The process of this piece can be done before or after the window has been installed.
  • Apron- You may have noticed this section before but never knew the technical name for it. Aprons can be located under the windowsill or even the stool.
  • Muntins- Constructed to divide the glass into a grid system that is made up of small panes of glass, also known as”lights” or “lites”.
  • Stool- Also known as the ole window sill
  • Jambs- Side pieces that create the form of the window frame. These side pieces also help hold the sash which in turn holds the glass. They can be found from the top of the window to the bottom running vertically.
  • Check Rails- Horizontally you can spot the rails which also help hold the glass.
  • Lock- A lock or a latch is the device which secures the window is shut securely.

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