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Your windows and doors play a more integral role in your home’s performance than you realize! They control the amount of natural light that emits into the room, add an additional layer of security to your property, and can even provide it with valuable insulation. However, as is the case with many of your home’s exterior components, your windows and doors won’t last forever. In fact, they can even contribute to a rising energy bill cost if left unchecked for too long! When you’re looking for replacement windows and doors, you should expect nothing less than the best in terms of their quality and performance. What if we told you that there’s an option out there that lets you get the best of both traits? When you install Andersen windows and doors with the talented contractors at Hatch Homes, this is the type of quality that you can come to expect!

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Our Andersen Window & Door Inventory For Charlotte-Area Property Owners

Especially in the case of your home’s windows, having a wide range of customization options is vital. After all, with regard to windows, every home has different rooms with differing needs! Andersen has a diverse collection of windows and doors to meet any needs or specifications that a room has, and our team is proud to offer the full catalog of windows to our clients in North Carolina! Check out the different options available below – and the perks that come with each of them!

Andersen Window Installation Options

  • Andersen 100 Series: If you’re looking for the most affordable options from the Andersen Windows catalog, look no further than the 100 series! There’s a reason why Andersen made this a top option over the last two decades: the performance benefits are unlike most other window types. Made from fibrex and special polymer, these windows can protect against any inclement weather conditions while being environmentally sustainable.
  • Andersen 400 Series: The Andersen 400 series blends all of the best elements of performance and style together seamlessly. You’ll also have more customization options than the 100 series! 400 series windows are fitted with Perma-shield technology, protecting the window frames from wear and tear over time. This series of windows is perfect for homeowners looking for a blend of style and longevity!
  • Andersen E Series: Those seeking the ultimate level of flexibility with their window design options will find exactly what they’re looking for with the E series. They offer the most customization out of any Andersen collection. In addition, they provide the beauty of wood window frames without the hassle of constant maintenance work! Regardless of what size, shape, and color you want your windows to be, you’ll find your perfect match in the E series.
  • Andersen A Series: The A Series is regarded as Andersen’s highest-performing window and is highly recommended for new construction. There’s a reason why it’s the most premium collection that Andersen offers – they blend the best of performance, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability into one complete package! They combine fibrex exteriors with fiberglass and Perma-shield technology to deliver unparalleled capabilities.

Andersen Door Installation Options

While the door options offered by Hatch Homes are more limited than the window collections, we’ve selected only the best, highest-performing options to meet your home’s needs, including:
  • Hinged Doors: Andersen’s hinged doors take a more classic approach to door design, using ThermaTru technology to make them excellent against weather and decay. They can be stained or painted to your liking and give off a rustic and unique appearance!
  • Sliding Glass Doors: Andersen’s sliding glass doors aren’t like traditional patio doors – instead, they add a more contemporary touch that doesn’t interfere with the space of the room, simply gliding horizontally to open.
  • Storm Doors: Especially in a coastal area like North Carolina, the potential for hurricanes to hit your home is a cause for concern. Andersen’s storm doors can brave the worst weather conditions in the area without compromising anything inside!
  • French Doors: Andersen’s French doors are the epitome of style and class. No matter where you put them, they’re guaranteed to improve your home’s property value while lasting for years on end.

Why Choose Hatch Homes For Andersen Window & Door Installation Work in North Carolina?

Even with a window and door manufacturer as revered as Andersen, you’ll only be able to obtain the best benefits from them if you choose a contractor with an amazing track record of installation. In the Charlotte, NC area, Hatch Homes is the perfect contractor! Our team has earned the honor of being recognized as Andersen Certified Contractors, which all but guarantees a flawless installation job! Our contractors also have certifications from the Andersen Academy. We’ll help to improve your home’s property value, performance, and aesthetics regardless of what type of window or door you want installed. If you’re in need of replacement windows and doors, don’t settle for less than the best. Click here to contact us directly and gain access to the most optimal windows and doors in the industry!

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