Andersen Windows

Trusted Windows That Last

Andersen is a name that is well known and trusted when it comes to windows. If you are looking for quality windows that offer the perfect style with superior performance, then you have come to the right place.  This is what Andersen has a reputation for. Their windows and patio doors are all made to stand the test of time. They offer the utmost when it comes to strength and durability, while also offering a touch of aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the Right Andersen Windows for Your Home

There are several factors that you will want to consider when buying new windows for your home.  First, you will want to figure out which type of window you want, the tilt-wash double-hung, or the gliding windows. Then, consider your exterior and interior finish options.  The Perma-Shield system is available in both white and sandtone exterior finish, and pine or white wood interior. Pair your colors depending on the aesthetics of your home. 

Once you choose the basics, then you will need to select a color for your exterior trim.  The exterior trim on all Andersen 200 series windows is made with Fibrex, which is a special composite blend that is not only strong and durable, but also environmentally friendly.  Choose from a variety of colors, including white, canvas, sandtone, terratone, dark bronze, forest green, dove gray, prairie grass, red rock, cocoa bean and black. Each series of windows has different options, so be sure to check specifics based on the type of window you plan to purchase. 

Finally, select your hardware.  There are a couple of designs to consider.  There is a Lock & Keeper design, available in standard white or sandtone.  Other available options for tilt-wash double-hung window hardware include antique brass, black, bright brass, gold dust, oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel.  The Classic Series hardware, however, is only available in the standard white or stone color. 

Do you want to add a bit of additional security to your windows?  If so, then consider wireless open/closed sensors. These can be installed to your windows easily, with no tools required.  They are compact and will let you know any time the window is opened or closed. This just gives a touch of added security to your home.  

Knowing Your Glass Options

There are a few different types of glass for you to choose from.  Once you get your actual window frames selected, you will need to choose the right type of glass.  Let’s take a closer look at each of the available options. 

SmartSun – The SmartSun glass offers a thermal control similar to that of a tinted glass window, but still allows a lot of light flow in, much like a low-e glass.  It is somewhat the best of both worlds. You can even add the HeatLock Coating, which will allow heat to be reflected back into your home to help keep it warmer during the winter months. 

Low-E – The Low-E windows are great because they are coated with a low emissivity coating that helps to keep the costs of cooling down in the summer, and the costs of heating down during the winter months.  This is really a great way to keep your home more energy efficient. HeatLock Coating can also be added to Low-E glass. 

Sun and PassiveSun – The Sun glass offers top notch thermal control.  This is most ideal for southern climates, where temperatures are warmer.  On the other hand, The PassiveSun glass is most ideal in northern, colder climates.  This is because it help to offer more solar heat gain. PassiveSun glass can also be coated with the HeatLock Coating, for added protection against the harsh cold temperatures. 

Clear Dual-Pane – The Clear Dual-Pane glass is your basic window glass.  It offers a high visibility with not much protection when it comes to keeping out the elements.  All of the glass is energy star rated, however, so if you only need basic thermal performance then this may be ideal. This is probably not the best in areas with harsh extreme temperatures, but mild climates can actually get by with the clear dual-pane, and still keep their energy costs down. 

Other glass options that you might consider are tempered glass, which is available to help make your glass a bit more stable, and obscure patterned glass.  Obscured glass is great for rooms that you want to remain private, while still allowing the light to come through the window. 

Additional Options to Consider

Another option that you may consider when having your windows installed is adding a grille.  Grille patterns can be designed to meet your specific need. They can either be put on the exterior and interior of the glass, or it can be positioned between two glass panes, allowing the grille to be on the inside of the glass.  This gives the look of separate panes, but allows you to clean the windows easily and effortlessly.  

Insect screen are another popular option.  You can choose between conventional insect screens and Tru-Scene insect screens.  This just helps to keep out the bugs and outside critters, while still allowing you to bring some fresh air into your home. 

The Andersen Owner2Owner Limited Warranty

When investing in your home, it is important to make sure that you understand your warranty.  The warranty that comes with your Andersen windows is not your average warranty. You can actually transfer the warranty if you sell your home, allowing it to extend for the life of the warranty.  This can really be a plus if you ever decide that you want to sell your house. The limited warranty covers 20 years of protection on the glass, and 10 years of protection on all other parts of the window, including the frame and hardware.  

Proper Installation of Your Andersen Windows

When it comes to having your Andersen windows installed, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to have it done properly.  Hiring licensed professionals to do the job right the first time around is the best way to ensure that your warranty is going to be upheld, and also that the windows are going to offer the utmost in performance.  

Here at Hatch Homes, we have the expertise and the dedication required to not only install your windows, but also to help you every step of the way.  From choosing the right windows, to making sure that the specifications are exact, to the very last window being installed, we will be right there to make sure that the process goes smoothly, and that you are completely satisfied with your new Andersen windows. 

The Hatch Difference

Each window that Hatch Homes provides our customers is installed by certified and trained craftsmen. Let us show you the difference that new high-performance windows can make on your home!