E Series Windows

Quality you can count on

Andersen E Series windows are an excellent option for homeowners who love the beauty of wood windows, but don’t want the hassle of maintaining wood window frames. Some of the benefits of these windows include: 

-Extruded aluminum cladding to prevent wood rot and warping 

-Most E Series windows are EnergyStar rated for effective energy efficiency 

-Numerous window styles for all projects 

-Extruded aluminum does not corrode and offers exceptional thermal conduction, making it a wise choice for homeowners



Andersen makes windows and patio doors with options that make them ENERGY STAR® v. 6.0 certified throughout the United States. Visit andersenwindows.com/energystar for more information and to verify that the product with your glass option is ENERGY STAR certified in your area.


Baked-on silicone polyester enamel exteriors offer virtually maintenance free performance and durability. They’re warranted for 10 years against chalking and color change and for 20 years against cracking, checking, peeling, flaking, blistering and loss of adhesion.


Our renowned Owner-2-Owner® limited warranty is fully transferrable and not prorated, making it one of the best coverage plans available — which means it can add resale value for your customers. It’s also supported by the industry’s largest service network.


E-Series windows and patio doors with Stormwatch® Protection meet building code requirements in many Gulf and Atlantic coast states. See your local building code official for specific requirements. Visit andersenwindows.com/coastal for more information


One of the main things that sets the Andersen E Series of windows apart is the fact that the grill configurations are nearly endless. Custom grille options abound, making it easy for homeowners like you to select the perfect design for your new windows. Here, we take a look at some common designs — but, rest assured that grilles specific to the architectural style of your home are also available. 

Full Divided Light – These grilles offer an authentic look, with grilles on both the interior and exterior of the panes. E Series windows also have an aluminum spacer between each sheet of glass, which creates the appearance of individual panes, rather than a single, large pane with grilles on top of it. 

Simulated Divided Light – These grilles look very similar to the Full Divided Light style, but the exterior grille is the only fixed component. The interior grilles can be removed at the homeowners’ leisure. This option does not include aluminum spacers. 

Finelight – These grilles are placed between the panes of glass, which offers the timeless aesthetic many homeowners love without the hassle. Instead of cleaning around grilles, there are simply two smooth sheets of glass on the interior and exterior of the window.

Full Divided Light (Modern Divided Light)

Simulated Divided Light (Classic Divided Light)

Removable Interior Wood Grilles

Color Palette!

All Andersen 100 Series products come in five colors — Dark Bronze, Cocoa Bean, Terratone, Sandstone, and White. It is important to note that the darker hues are not typically available in traditional vinyl products, making Fibrex® particularly unique and desirable.

Exterior Colors

Colony White






Cocoa Bean

Dark Bronze

Red Rock

Forest Green

Prairie Grass

Dove Gray



Sky Blue


Big Cherry


The Andersen E Series collection includes a number of window types — more than the Andersen A Series –, which makes it the perfect choice for nearly all types of renovation and new construction projects. In fact, the E Series offers more overall customization — and more overall color and style options — than the A Series. This makes it an excellent collection for discerning homeowners. A full list of styles can be found below:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Awning windows
  • Push-out awning windows
  • Casement windows
  • French casement windows
  • Push-out casement windows
  • Gliding windows
  • Picture windows
  • Bay and Bow windows
  • 35 specialty window styles


Convenient tilt-to-clean options are available for many of the windows in the Andersen E Series. It is worth noting that the E Series’ double-hung windows can be purchased in standard sizes up to 4-feet wide and 7-feet, 6-inches high. Custom sizes can be made for an additional fee in ⅛” increments.

Glass Options

The majority of the products in the Andersen E Series line are EnergyStar rated. The same glass options — Low-E4, the HeatLock coating, the PassiveSun coating, and more — that are available for the Andersen A Series can also be purchased for E Series windows.

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