Are Windows With Integral Blinds Worth the Cost?

If you are thinking about making updates to your Carolina residence, one of the things you may be considering is investing in windows with integral blinds. Not only do these windows have a high-end appearance, but they provide other benefits, including minimal upkeep. Windows with integral blinds are, however, usually much pricier than their traditional counterparts, so it’s important to make sure they are worth the extra money before you take the plunge.

The goal of this guide is to introduce you to the pros and cons of windows with built-in blinds. Understanding both sides of this product will make it easier for you to figure out if the investment is worthwhile for your family. By the time you’re done reading, you should have a much better understanding of integral blinds.

      • Less care – As mentioned above, one of the perks of integral blinds is that they require very little maintenance. They never have to be dusted or cleaned like traditional, external blinds. This saves time. Furthermore, since these blinds don’t attract dust particles, they are ideal for those who suffer from allergies.
      • Safer for kids and pets – One of the major hazards of conventional blinds is that their cords can get tangled around the necks of small children and pets. This can, of course, lead to serious injury or even death. Integral blinds completely eliminate this risk because they do not have cords. If you’re a parent, you will probably find that your peace of mind is well worth the added cost associated with this window treatment option.
      • Unlikely to break – Because integral blinds are located between two pieces of glass, they are extremely unlikely to break. Traditional blinds, however, can get broken in a variety of ways; this is especially true of inexpensive vinyl styles, which often start cracking within a year or two. If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your home’s windows, integral blinds are sure to last for years into the future.
      • Cost – As you’ve already learned, integral blinds are more expensive than the majority of conventional options. You are probably curious, however, to learn exactly how much more money you’ll have to pay. In many cases, the price of a window or door with integral blinds is nearly double that of a standard, off-the-rack style. That said, Carolina consumers can often find sales or financing options that meet their needs.
      • Lack of design choices – External blinds are available in hundreds, if not thousands, of different mass-produced styles and can even be custom designed at a homeowner’s request. Integral blinds, though, are not nearly so versatile. There are a relatively limited number of design choices on the market. You will find that many of them are chic, but they are not necessarily one-of-a-kind or even unique.
      • No argon – Frequently, argon gas is pumped between the panes of double- and triple-paned windows to make them more energy-efficient. In windows that have integral blinds, however, there is usually no argon, which can make the windows less eco-conscious overall.

Now that you are better informed about both the benefits and downsides of selecting windows with integral blinds, you can make an educated decision that suits your lifestyle. If you would like to see this type of blind in action before you order windows or doors for your home, there are dozens of Carolina showrooms and home improvement stores you can visit. Simply get online to find a retailer near you.

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