Argon Gas in Windows

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At some point as a homeowner, you will be faced with the difficulty of having to shop for new windows. During this process, many questions will arise and it can be an overwhelming experience. The terms and words used in research may also be a bit confusing for the average homeowner. One term, in particular, that is thrown around is argon gas. In this post, we will break down what it is and why it is used in residential windows.

What is argon gas? 

Argon Gas is a non-toxic, non-reactive gas that is both odorless and appears naked to the human eye.

Why is this used?

The purpose of argon gas is simple: Insulation. Since argon is denser than the atmosphere, it provides more thermal efficiency than if air was used between the panes.

Where is it located at?

You can find argon gas located in between the panes of glass. However, since it is clear you will be unable to detect it.

How can it be found?

The use of a scientific radar aids in locating this clear gas.

If a leak occurs is the gas dangerous to breathe in?

No, since the gas is non-toxic it is not harmful to be inhaled by homeowners or their pets.

For any additional questions and answers always check with the specific window manufacturer. Once you have decided on a window, contact Hatch Homes for all of your installation needs.




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