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Thank You

Our company would like to thank all homeowners who are considering partnering with Hatch Homes for their upcoming remodeling project in North and South Carolina.

Hatch Homes is prepared to provide every homeowner with an exceptional remodeling experience! Our intention is to provide a detailed scope of work, process description and transparent pricing options. Hatch Homes’ goal is to share and communicate all of the proposed project specifications to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We recognize that working with our company on your upcoming siding, windows or roofing replacement project may be your first exterior remodeling experience. With that in mind, we want to offer our homeowners with a detailed account of ‘what to expect’ during your project. Our hope is that this will help to avoid any confusion or complications before, during and after your project completion.

Home improvement can be a significant investment. It is important for homeowners to receive multiple quotes for the work that they desire to be completed and that they take plenty of time to evaluate options in the effort of making the best decision possible. We would like to thank you for your interest in our company. We hope to be selected as your partner in your upcoming remodeling project.

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Marketing Cost Savings Plan

The Marketing Cost Savings Plan is a brand new program that we are rolling out at Hatch Homes. The intent of this post is to provide more details on the program.

Online reviews are the new word of mouth. They dramatically help our company in two ways.

1) Potential customers can receive unbiased feedback on our company’s performance before hiring a contractor for their exterior renovation. The more reviews that we post online, the more information that is available on the experience that we deliver to our homeowners.

2) Google raises our website in it’s rankings based on the volume and quality of review scores that our company receives. As a result of online reviews, our company can spend significantly less money on marketing in order to reach customers who are considering exterior remodeling.

Instead of pocketing the benefit that our company receives when our homeowners leave reviews on their experience working with us, Hatch Homes engineered a program with a goal of lowering our homeowners’ project costs.

The following online review platforms qualify for the program:
Google Reviews
Angie’s List

Contact Hatch Homes today to learn more about the Marketing Cost Savings Plan.

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What are Change Orders?

One of the primary drivers of customer dissatisfaction within the home improvement industry is that homeowners think they are going to pay one price and they end up paying a higher one. Often times, an increased exterior remodeling price is a direct result of a change order.

In the construction world, a change order refers to a modification of the scope of work for a construction project. For example, a homeowner hires a contractor to replace their siding. The property owner may want to replace their windows while the old siding is taken off the house. The remodeling company that was contracted to replace the siding will add a change order to the scope of work in order to include pricing for the replacement of windows.

Change orders cause frustration to property owners who hire exterior remodeling companies because, often times, these contractors pass along change orders without increasing the scope of work. An example of this is a contractor failing to understand all of the elements required to execute a particular renovation. Half way though the project, the contractor realizes that they did not consider all of the labor or materials required to complete the project to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Homeowners should take time to interview multiple contractors to ensure that the exterior remodeling company that they choose is knowledgeable on what a particular project will require from both a material and labor standpoint. When individuals partner with a qualified remodeling company, homeowners should anticipate minimal change orders in an effort to avoid being hit by multiple curveballs. Ask your contractor about the potential change orders or unperceived complications that a project may incur prior to finalizing a contract with a remodeling company.

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HomeAdvisor Top Rated Company Award

HomeAdvisor selects contractors annually to receive their ‘Top Rated Company’ award. This award is determined solely by consumer reviews and the ratings earned by home remodeling contractors. The contracting companies that have the highest combination of volume and quality of reviews in particular service categories (new house siding replacement, roof replacement, new window installation, etc) for a particular geography are considered for the award.

Hatch Homes is a 2017 recipient of HomeAdvisor’s ‘Top Rated Company’ award. As of November 2017, our company has a 4.93 out of 5 star rating on HA’s website. We would like to give a special thanks to all of our customers for sharing their experiences working with our company with HomeAdvisor. Earning this award would not have been possible without the support of our past customers and the confidence that they had in our company to deliver a successful remodeling project. We look forward to winning this award again in 2018!

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What is Silica Dust?

Silica dust is created when cutting James Hardie fiber cement with saws and/or power tools. Like any other foreign object, when inhaled through breathing, silica dust can pose a danger to anyone in close proximity to the installation of fiber cement siding when necessary precautions are not taken. Individuals who are in constant contact with airborne silica dust can develop a condition named silicosis. Before hiring a siding contractor to install new house siding, particularly Hardie Board, it is important to consider if the siding technicians are taking necessary safety measures to protect themselves and anyone else coming in close proximity to the construction area.

Before we talk about safety, let’s discuss what silica is. Silica is essentially sand. It is the primary ingredient of Portland Cement which is the highest quality of mass produced cement in the United States. It is also the primary ingredient of Hardie plank siding. Of all the sand “species”, silica it has the most tightly knit molecules under a microscope. This is important because cement is a porous material, meaning it is permeable to water. Water is the wonder molecule that actually expands once it freezes. When fiber cement siding gets wet and absorbs moisture, the expansion caused by freezing will lead to premature product deterioration and failure. The reason that James Hardie uses silica in its products is that it leads to the highest quality siding possible for the exterior of your home. This is why many generic and cheap fiber cement siding’s do not match the long-term performance, durability and aesthetics of Hardie Board.

While there has never been a single case of silicosis attributed to the installation of James Hardie siding, it is important to take safety measures to limit exposure to the dust. When installing James Hardie siding, it is important to always cut the material outdoors. You also want to cut down wind so that the dust will be carried away from the construction area. The use of self vacuuming saws, face masks and/or respirators will dramatically lessen the amount of airborne silica dust inhaled by anyone in close proximity to a James Hardie siding job site.

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2018 James Hardie Contractor Summit

Once a year, James Hardie Building Products identifies the best fiber cement siding installation companies in the country. The manufacturer of Hardieplank siding invites those exterior remodeling contractors to their annual James Hardie Contractor Summit. Around 100 companies are chosen to attend this exclusive event. The intent of Hardie’s Contractor Summit is to allow top performing siding contractors to collaborate with other expert installation companies. The siding contractors share best practices and methods used to improve quality, customer satisfaction and the overall experience that homeowners receive when hiring a company to renovate the exterior of their home. The conference also hosts many guest speakers who are experts within the home-improvement industry. The disciplines of these speakers range from construction science to marketing to customer service.

For the second year in a row, Hatch Homes’ ownership has secured a spot at the Contractor Summit. This year the conference will be held in Miami, Florida. Our company would like to extend gratitude to James Hardie Building Products for recognizing our company as one of the best and top rated siding contractors in the country.

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Hatch Homes’ Industry Recognition

The quality of craftsmanship, value and integrity of the siding, window and roof replacement services provided by Hatch Homes are endorsed by many leading authorities within the home-improvement industry. Below are a few of the organizations that have recognized Hatch Homes for delivering an excellent customer experience.

James Hardie | Contractor Summit
Hatch Homes was 1 of Only 106 Remodeling Companies Selected and invited to Attend James Hardie’s 2017 Contractor Summit. This is an event for the top Fiber Cement siding installation contractors in the country. Our company was also selected as an attendee for the upcoming 2018 James Hardie Contractor Summit in Miami, Florida!

Home Advisor | Elite Service Provider
HomeAdvisor designated Hatch Homes as a recipient of the Elite Service Award for Outstanding Craftsmanship and quality installation services.

Home Advisor – Top Rated Company
Home Advisor also awarded Hatch with its ‘Top Rated Company’ Award. Hatch Homes was nominated for this after receiving The highest average customer review for our service offerings and is the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Asheville communities.

Better Business Bureau | A Rating
The Better Business Bureau has evaluated our company and awarded Hatch Homes with an A rating. As of today, we have had zero complaints and there are no open cases against our company.

Side Mater Program by James Hardie

Ongoing Contractor Education

Ongoing education is critically important for any professional, regardless of which industry they belong to. Like many aspects of industry, building science is constantly evolving and improving as best practices advance. It is important for contractors to grow with this advancement. Below is a list of educational programs that Hatch Homes has enrolled in and/or attended through the years.

Builders License Training Institute
Completed training through the BLTI for contractor licensing, building science & industry best practices for the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. This program spends time covering all necessary legality requirements of the contracting industry as well as state of the art building sciences for both residential and commercial construction.

James Hardie Siding – Side Master Installation Program
The Side Master Installation Program is James Hardie Building Products’ most advanced installation program & certification course. As of today, Hatch Homes is the only contractor in both North Carolina and South Carolina to have attended this training course. Additionally, Hatch Homes ownership previously worked for the manufacturer of Hardieplank fiber cement siding as a installation instructor. Not only are we the only contractor in the Carolinas to attend the program, we are certainly the only contractor in the region to teach the course.

Certified Contractors Network – Technology for Contractors Conference
Attended the 2017 ‘Technology for Contractors’ conference sponsored by Certified Contractors Network. The seminar focused around incorporating technology with the goal of improving the overall customer experience within the home improvement industry.

Vinyl Siding Institute Training Program
Hatch Homes is a certified vinyl siding installation expert through the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI). The VSI is the trade organization comprised of the country’s largest vinyl siding manufacturers who oversee the approval of quality exterior remodeling contractors who specialize in siding replacement.

Water damage to masonite siding

Does Your House Have Masonite Siding?

As discussed in the previous article, Masonite siding is a building product used as house siding that has provided North Carolina and South Carolina with widespread failure through recent years. The intent of this article to provide the information needed for homeowners to properly identify if Masonite Siding currently envelops the exterior of their home.

We will focus on four visual characteristics of Masonite siding:

1) Horizontal Bead
A reliable way of determining if hardboard siding is indeed Masonite siding is the horizontal bead that runs across the bottom of the boards. This is an aesthetic that has been made famous in the Carolina’s and is often referred to as ‘Carolina Beaded’ or ‘Charleston Beaded’. Many homeowners would like to maintain the historic character of their home by incorporating a beaded siding. Under these scenarios, homeowners should look to vinyl or Hardie fiber cement siding as these products alos have beaded materials.

2) Siding Joint Clips
Many Masonite installers use plastic or aluminum clips at the siding joints of Masonite siding to hide unsightly gaps that result due to expansion and contraction of the siding on the wall. Unfortunately for Masonite homeowners, the color of these clips will fade a different rate of the siding causing discoloration in about 4-6 years.

3) Face Nailing
The material will most likely be face nailed in vertical patterns throughout a wall space. Because the material lacks structural stability, installers are forced to pepper the outside material with nails visible from the exterior. These nails can rust overtime. They are also an intrusion point for water to enter the siding and underlying wall.

4) Overall Rot & Decay
After prolonged exposure to the elements, Masonite siding will begin break apart on the wall. It will begin to resemble a cardboard like material as the material can be indented with the slight push of a finger.

Contact Hatch Homes today to learn more about replacing rotten Masonite siding with new James Hardie fiber cement siding or vinyl siding.

Cracked Masonite Siding

What is Masonite Siding?

Thousands of homes across North Carolina and South Carolina are wrapped in Masonite siding. It was one of Carolinas’ most frequently used siding choices for new construction homes between 1980 and 2010. The material is most commonly known by Carolina homeowners for its product failure, disintegration and unsightliness. Many Carolina homeowners are interested in replacing their rotten Masonite siding with new Hardie Board siding or vinyl siding. However, before hiring a contractor for siding replacement, it is important to get a better understanding of what Masonite siding is.

Masonite siding can be described best as sawdust glued together with a paper overlay. It provides your homes’ exterior with the appearances of natural wood with a performance that is comparable. The material is extremely susceptible to moisture penetration, mold and mildew. Once water starts to decay the substrate, Masonite siding becomes brittle to the touch and have the strength and feel of cardboard.

While Masonite siding is still being used in modern construction, quality building professionals have deemed Masonite siding to be an inferior building product. As a result, The original manufacturer of Masonite siding, named Masonite, is low longer manufacturing the material. The leading manufacturer today of what is known as ‘Masonite Siding’ is Louisiana-Pacific, otherwise known as LP. Masonite Siding is mostly used in new construction, but many exterior remodeling contractors will still present the material to homeowners as a better quality solution than vinyl at a price point significantly lower than Hardieplank. When hiring a siding contractor to replace your home’s existing exterior, make sure that they will not be using Masonite.