Autumn and Winter Home Upkeep Suggestions

Even if you live in one of the most temperate regions of North Carolina or South Carolina, you probably experience even a mild weather change between the spring and summer temperatures and fall and winter temperatures. Some residents of these states, like those who live in the mountains, deal with drastic weather changes as the seasons shift every year. All homeowners, however, can benefit from doing some basic home maintenance as the summer season winds down. In this brief guide, you will see a few helpful tips that will make it as simple as possible for you to prepare your property for the colder months in your region.

Have your windows and doors assessed

Windows and doors can be major heat loss culprits when the outside temperatures begin to drop. There are a number of reasons for this. Older windows and doors, for example, may start to shift over time, leaving gaps between their frames and the exterior walls of your house. These openings can let a significant amount of cold air inside your home. Furthermore, older products probably aren’t energy-efficient and may lack the EnergyStar ratings of today’s styles typically have.

Even if you have had new windows and doors installed in your home relatively recently, a skilled inspector may notice things like deteriorating weatherstripping or improper installation. These problems can be corrected before they cause any issues, but only if you have someone look at your windows and doors before winter arrives.

Prepare for potential issues beforehand

Being prepared for potential problems is one of the best ways to avoid surprises as a homeowner. Consider the possibility of issues like ice dams and blocked gutters in the summer and take preventative action at that point in time. Investing in gutter guards and making sure the flashing on your roof is reinforced, for instance, are both steps that can save you a great deal of trouble down the road.

Make sure your house is as dry as possible

When piles of snow and standing water are allowed to linger on roofs and porches during the wintertime, they can lead to numerous issues that will cost money to repair later. Moisture on your roof, for example, can result in mold infestations, curling or warped shingles, and even leaks inside of your house. The best way to avoid this is to have a professional make sure there is proper ventilation from the top story of your residence onto the roof. This will minimize the chances of any issues occurring.

If any issues do arise due to water or snow damage, rest assured that a qualified expert will be able to correct them. Mold infestations on shingles, for example, can be fixed by ripping up and replacing the affected area of the roof and interior leaks can be remedied by installing new roof flashing and repainting the ceiling that was damaged. It is, however, easiest to take the correct preventative measures, so you don’t have to deal with any of this!

At Hatch Homes, we would be happy to assess your home to make sure it is winter-ready. Simply give our office a call at your earliest convenience, and we’ll schedule a time for one of our skilled team members to visit your home. We serve families throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, so no matter where in the region you live, you can count on us.

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