Benefits of Adding Decorative Stone to Residential Exteriors

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If your thinking about updating the appearance of your Charlotte, NC home, you’ve probably been looking for inspiration in magazines, on the web, and maybe even around the city! There are hundreds upon hundreds of ideas for ways to upgrade and improve residential exteriors, so rest assured that you aren’t alone if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the concepts you’ve seen recently. This guide is specifically intended for those who are interested in using a decorative stone to enhance the look of their houses. As you read on, you will discover four benefits of choosing decorative stone. 

      1. It is simple to install – You might be wondering how heavy stones can be used decoratively without a great deal of effort on the installer’s part. The answer is that they can’t be. This is where stone veneer comes in. Stone veneer is crafted from thin slices of actual stone, giving the appearance of a full stone exterior, but requiring significantly less work. This also, as you probably expected, makes decorative stone veneer options less expensive than whole stones, which can cost hundreds of dollars apiece in some instances. 
      2. It works on all styles of homes – One of the great things about stone is that it doesn’t matter what type of Carolina home you live in, there’s undoubtedly a way to make it work with your personal decorating style. Stone veneer is available in a wide variety of styles, each of which has unique color schemes. Limestone veneer, for instance, tends to have a warm look with threads of tan and red running through the light-colored stone. Slate veneer, on the other hand, is much darker, featuring grey, dark blue, and deep green shades. 
      3. It can be used in a variety of ways – Stone veneer is extremely versatile, so no matter how much of it you want to use or how you want to use it, the final product is sure to look great. Some North Carolina homeowners, for instance, don’t want the decorative stone to overwhelm their houses, so they choose only to have this material installed on columns and other similar features. Other people, however, love the look of stone and decide to have their entire houses covered with veneer. A good middle-ground is combining decorative stone with another material, such as vinyl siding or wood shakes. 
      4. It can increase property value – Many people are fond of the aesthetic of stone exteriors. This means that redoing your house with a stone veneer is a great way to increase your property value. Whether or not you have plans to sell your home, making improvements that will increase its worth is a step in the right direction.

If you’ve decided that decorative stone is the right choice for your upcoming exterior remodeling project, it is absolutely crucial for you to find a reliable Charlotte area installer to handle your job. If the stone veneer is not installed correctly, it can lead to problems in the future. Therefore, make a point of doing research and interviewing several prospective contractors prior to making your final choice. 

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