Benefits of Choosing Black Window Frames

If you are planning to update the windows in your North Carolina or South Carolina home, you might find yourself feeling slightly overwhelmed by the wide variety of window styles on the market today. Modern homeowners can select from literally hundreds of different types of residential windows!


Black window frames are one option that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Although these are not nearly as common as white vinyl window frames, or even solid wood window frames, they are an increasingly common choice among homeowners. As you read this guide, you’ll learn more about why you should consider black windows for your remodeling project. 


They work with almost any color scheme.


Whereas white windows can sometimes look too stark against dark-colored siding, such as navy blue or brick red, black window frames blend well with nearly any color scheme you can imagine. It is nearly impossible to find an exterior cladding option that won’t work with eye-catching black windows. 


They contrast with lighter hues. 


If you want your Carolina home to stand out for all the right reasons, creating visual contrast is key. One great way to do this is to mix black window frames with light-colored cladding. If, for example, your home has traditional white or tan siding, black windows can provide the perfect bold contrast from a curb appeal standpoint. 


They are more unique than white windows.


North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners who prioritize unique design elements will love black windows because they are much more unique than white windows. Although they are significantly more popular than they once were, they remain less common than white window frames, which means they are sure to draw people in as they pass by.


They look great inside, too.


One major benefit of choosing black window frames is that they look great inside, too. Black windows are not only sleek and stunning from the outside of your house, but serve to elevate interior design as well. Black frames provide a modern edge, even if your home has a largely traditional feel. 


They don’t show flaws. 


Over time, life happens, and window frames sometimes get scratched or dented both inside and outside. While white frames tend to show every imperfection, including dirt and dust, black frames typcially camouflage these issues. This means they will stay looking new for much longer than traditional white window frames tend to. 


They can enhance scenery.


One of the biggest perks of living in the Carolinas is the beautiful scenery. Black window frames tend to blend better with surroundings than white ones, almost serving as a literal frame from inside of your home. This means that they actually enhance your view, rather than bisecting it or otherwise detracting from it. 


If you are thinking about upgrading your home’s windows and are intrigued by the idea of black frames, give the Hatch Homes team a call. One of our window installation specialists will be happy to work with you to find window styles that perfectly suit your needs and budget. 

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