Benefits of Replacing Builder-Grade Windows

Learn Why To Replace Your Home’s Builder-Grade Windows

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It may not initially make sense why to replace your new home’s windows. One would think that when new homes are built, especially in nicer neighborhoods, the very best quality materials would be used. Unfortunately, however, this is not often the case. Since the focus of many new housing developments is establishing a community quickly, efficiently, and cheaply, materials and their quality have left the focus of many developers.

While many folks unfamiliar with the development and construction industries may think “builder-grade” materials sound like top-of-the-line products, this term actually indicates some of the lowest quality standards found in the industry. In reality, these materials are manufactured to provide quick, standardized, and cheap offerings for builders looking to increase their margins and finish projects quickly.

Here’s why you may want to consider replacing these materials sooner rather than later!

Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

From a surface inspection, builder-grade materials may appear to be high-quality and pleasant looking. The issues only begin to appear as they age or you take a close look at the performance of the units. One of the most important builder-grade materials to replace as quickly as possible are windows, as they present one of the largest opportunities to increase your home’s efficiency.

If your windows have yet to be replaced, it is likely you are throwing hundreds out the window every month in energy bills. Builder-grade windows are not manufactured with the homeowner in mind, so they often underperform in efficiency and insulating your home. To ensure your home is kept well-insulated and comfortable year-round, consider investing in a new set of vinyl or composite windows.

Increase Your Home’s Longevity

Since builder-grade windows are not manufactured to the same standards as windows you would be treated to when working with an exterior replacement or renovation company, there are many issues that may arise. Since they will often expand and contract with the weather more severely than a higher quality window, their integrity will degrade just as quickly.

Additionally, these widows often look cheap and flimsy when compared to their superiorly designed counterparts. Especially after becoming a homeowner and taking pride in your new property, these windows can detract from your home’s “Curb Appeal” and cause lasting problems as your home ages.

Regardless of the reason to switch, when you want to replace your windows throughout the Carolinas, call Hatch Homes today for the widest selection of the highest quality windows in the industry. With our expert installation teams and factory-trained experts, your new windows are sure to perform the test of time and save you hundreds on energy bills. Call today to schedule your initial consultation!

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