Beware of Generic Fiber Cement Siding

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Not every fiber cement is created equally. James Hardie is Americas #1 brand of siding and is the Kleenex of the cement siding industry. Unfortunately, when other fiber cement siding products prematurely fail, this failure is sometimes attached to cement siding as a product category, and not the manufacturer who made the faulty product.

Here’s why Hardie is a cut above other fiber cements:

Material Composition

Fly ash is a byproduct of burning coal. Many building product manufacturers use flyash as a cheap filler product. When you put fly ash under a microscope it resembles a bag of popcorn. The molecules do not fit tightly together. Cement is porous and allows water in. When exposed to moisture, water fills those air pockets. After a handful of freeze thaw cycles, other fiber cement will begin to split, crack, and disintegrate on the wall. James Hardie only uses 100% Portland Cement in its manufacturing process. Portland cement is the finest cement available on the market and allows Hardie to last 30+ years on a home’s exterior.

Innovation: Hardie is on its seventh generation of fiber cement. They have continually tested and improved their product through the years. Every other fiber cement manufacturer is still on their first generation.

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