Black Window Frames 101 – Are They Right For You?

Whether you are beginning a remodeling project or you are building a brand new home in the Carolinas, choosing finishes can be simultaneously thrilling and nerve-wracking. After all, you’re selecting products you will have to look at – and live with! – for years into the future. This can make it scary to choose newer trends because there’s no telling if they will become timeless classics or fade away after a few years. 


Such is the case with black window frames. For year, white vinyl, white aluminum, or white fiberglass window frames and wood window frames have been the industry standard. Now, however, an increasing number of American homeowners are opting for jet black frames to make their windows stand out. Here, we take a look at everything you should know about this trendy home design idea. 


Are black windows currently trendy?


Over the course of the past several years, yes, black windows have become incredibly trendy and cutting edge. One of the advantages of this color is that it bridges the gap between traditional style and more modern aesthetics. This means that whether your North Carolina or South Carolina home is filled with furnishings that are minimalist and contemporary or traditionally Southern, black window frames can work for you.


What are the visual advantages of black windows?


There are several visual advantages that come with black windows. They pair well with nearly all colors, making your house pop both inside and outside. Pairing black window frames with dark hues creates a bold, moody aesthetic, while mixing them with light, breezy colors offers exceptional, eye-catching contrast. 


Furthermore, many homeowners feel that sleek black frames literally “frame” their window panes more than conventional white styles, making all of the windows in their houses look like works of art. 


What brands make black windows?


While there are several trusted brands that offer black window frames, Andersen provides an especially wide variety of styles. The company’s 100 Series, 400 Series, and E-Series all come in black, for instance. 


100 Series products are crafted from patented Fibrex composite, 400 Series options offer wood with specialized cladding, and the high-end E-Series line is crafted using wood interiors and durable aluminum exteriors. 


How much do black windows cost?


While some window manufacturers require consumers to pay an upcharge for non-standard finishes, such as black, this is not always the case. If you choose Andersen, for instance, the product line you select will have more of an impact on your final price than the finish you decide to use. The official Andersen website can provide clarity regarding the differences between various window series, as some may be more appropriate for your needs and budget than others. 


If you have questions regarding any of the Andersen Windows product lines, the team at Hatch Homes can provide guidance at any time. We are here to help you turn your North Carolina or South Carolina residence in the dream home you’ve always wanted one step at a time. Many homeowners underestimate the power new windows can have on the look of a home. Giving black window frames a chance may just alter your entire outlook on the curb appeal of your property! 

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