Board and Batten Siding 101

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If you are about to begin an exterior renovation and you aren’t sure you want to use the same vinyl siding that a majority of American homeowners choose, board and batten siding might be a good option for you. This sort of siding has been around for many years and involves vertical wood boards secured with smaller wood pieces, known as battens. As you continue reading here, you will learn more about board and batten siding and will become familiar with some of the reasons you might want to consider it for your remodel.

Board and batten is quite versatile

For homeowners who want their houses to have unique appearances, one of the biggest perks of board and batten siding is that it does not have to be installed in a specific way. You can, for example, use various board-to-batten patterns to create a number of designs on a single house. Perhaps you would like your entry area to have a slightly different look than the rest of your home. This can be done with board and batten but is not possible with many other home covering materials.

Board and batten functions as an excellent insulator

Underneath all board and batten siding, there should be a layer of insulation and a moisture barrier. Because the battens very snugly push each board against these layers, you can rest assured that your home will be very well insulated if you choose this exterior covering. Furthermore, the moisture barrier helps to prevent mold problems and other related issues that can be caused by water collecting in your home’s walls.

Board and batten looks great with metal roofing

In recent years, an increasing number of homeowners throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and the rest of the United States have started choosing metal roofing for residential structures. One of the major reasons for this is the material’s durability; metal roofing will last for decades without having to be replaced, which is appealing to consumers. Galvanized grey and red roofing look especially good paired with white board and batten siding.

Board and batten is ideal for converted barns

Thanks to the American South’s rich agricultural history, more and more people in the Carolinas and other Southeastern states are turning historic barns into functional, modern homes. If you have done a renovation like this, board and batten siding is likely to be an excellent option for you. It has the look of classic barn wood, while still maintaining contemporary appeal. You can use traditional red or black for your barn home’s exterior or choose to go a different route with a cheerful hue, like blue, white, or yellow.

If you are intrigued by the idea of using board and batten siding during your upcoming remodel, the team at Hatch Homes would love to talk to you about the design plans you have. Our skilled crew takes great pride in making sure every job is done right and that all of our clients are fully satisfied with the work we do. We look forward to starting your project soon!

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