Can I Get a 2018 Tax Credit For Insulated Siding?

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Most homeowners are familiar with energy tax credits, which allowed people to save money when they purchased energy efficient appliances, installed solar panels, and did other similar things to make their houses more environmentally friendly. Although the federal government does not currently have any energy tax credits for the 2018 year (the last national credits expired at the end of 2017), there are some other ways to get tax credits or money back for making your home more energy efficient.

As you look through the rest of this guide, you will see more information about how you can claim certain credits for taking steps to reduce your family’s energy usage at home, specifically by installing insulated siding. Remember, there’s a chance that some of these options won’t apply in your situation, so it’s important to do the appropriate research to find out what is truly going to help you at this time.

Visit the Energy Star Website

If you’ve shopped for appliances any time in the past few years, there’s no doubt you are familiar with the Energy Star logo. This appears on products that are government-certified to save energy and reduce your household’s carbon footprint. The official Energy Star website,, is equipped with a rebate finder you can use to see if any of your recent purchases qualify for money back.

Although it is highly unlikely that you’ll find any insulated siding rebates on the Energy Star website, you may be able to get money back for purchases you made around the same time as you upgraded your siding. If, for instance, you got a new central air conditioner or heating unit with your siding, rebates might be available.

Visit the Department of Energy’s Website

The United States Department of Energy also has a website section,, where homeowners like you can search for information about state and local tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and other savings. Although the Department of Energy’s database is not completely comprehensive, it does feature a lot of options that might help you and your family save money.

Make sure you take advantage of the filter feature to look for savings specific to your purchases. You can select categories like “heat pumps,” “insulation,” “air conditioners,” etc. This will help you weed through all of the listings to find those that pertain to your recent residential upgrades.

See If Your Municipality Offers Any Incentives

Some towns and cities offer local tax credits and other monetary incentives for people who invest in an insulated siding. This tends to be especially common in areas that are attempting to revitalize their neighborhoods and want to encourage renovations of older homes. The best place to start is by contacting your local city hall.

If you have questions about having insulated siding installed on your house, we hope you will contact the Hatch Homes team soon. Not only will we make sure your new siding is installed correctly the first time, but we will work with you to make sure you take advantage of any credits you are eligible for in the Carolinas. We look forward to meeting with you about your project soon.

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