Can You Really Save Money By Going Green?

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In recent years, more homeowners than ever before have jumped on the green bandwagon. People are making home remodeling decisions based on how eco-friendly products and materials are, which is excellent for the environment but does lead to some valid questions for some homeowners. Many individuals, for instance, wonder just how much money they will save by going green, especially since many eco-conscious items are more expensive upfront.

The truth is, while not all green decisions will save you money right away, some have a fairly high return on investment fairly quickly. As you continue reading this guide, you will find out about several of the things you should consider doing if you want to go green, but want to make sound financial choices for your household simultaneously.

Invest in smart, programmable thermostats

Although smart thermostats are more expensive than their conventional counterparts, they really can be a worthwhile investment. Not only do these thermostats typically have large, easy to read screens that allow you to see exactly what the temperature in your home is, but they connect to smartphone apps that provide all sorts of useful information. You’ll be able to see when you use the most energy at home, what the optimum temperature for your space is, and even make adjustments to your thermostat when you’re out of town to help you save money.

Purchase LED light bulbs

Many families have already made the switch to long-lasting, energy efficient LED light bulbs, but some are still using older, more inefficient models. If you haven’t yet converted your lamps, now is the time to do so! LED bulbs are more affordable than ever before and will save you lots of money over the years. Many of them, as a matter of fact, are rated to last for about a decade and only use a few dollars worth of energy per annum.

Select EnergyStar rated appliances

Because home appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens, typically last for quite some time, the odds are good that it’s been a while since you replaced yours. While brand new, EnergyStar rated appliances may cost you several thousand dollars up front, you are sure to make up the money over time. Furthermore, new appliances have new features, which are sure to make your life easier on a daily basis. If you’ve been thinking about getting new home appliances to replace your outdated ones anyway, there’s no time like the present to follow through and begin researching your options.

These are just a few things you can do to go green at home without spending an arm and a leg initially. There are, of course, many other options you can also consider, such as installing solar panels on your property or having a new type of insulation installed. The best thing to do is contact Hatch Homes and let one of our specialists assess your home. Then, let us work alongside you to develop a plan that will make your lifestyle as energy efficient as possible within your budget.

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