Casement Windows

Your Complete Guide to Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows that have hinges on the sides of the window panes. They crank outwards to open. When they open, they look at lot like barn doors. Casement windows always have their hinges on the side, unlike awning windows that are hinged at the top. Awning windows open much like an awning, up and outward.

Casement windows are really very pretty, and can add a great aesthetic effect to your home. They are really a great addition to just about any room in your home, but they tend to be seen most often in living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. This is because they are very open windows. They are not used as often in smaller, more private rooms, such as the bathroom or the laundry room.

You can even opt for double casement windows. Double casement windows have two different window panels, that each open outward from a side hinge. They look a lot like French doors. They can be opened with a handle, and then pushed out. This gives you the flexibility to let in minimal amounts of air, or open them both and let in a decent amount. These look great as well.

The Estimated Cost of Casement Windows

Casement windows can be on the more pricey side. They typically cost you anywhere between $270 per window and $750 per window. The larger the window, the more expensive it is likely to be. When it comes down to the bottom line on the price, you also have to add in the cost of the installation. Installation will cost some as well, for the labor. This is something to discuss with a professional window installation contractor. They will be able to give you a full estimate, based on the amount of work that will be necessary for them to install your casement windows.

Choosing the Right Size Casement Windows

Casement windows come in a variety of different sizes. The truth is, that they can be customized by the manufacturer to meet your specific window needs. Once you choose a brand name for your windows, you can look into the standard size options. If you need something other than the standard size, you can have your walls measured for the window and get one that will be adequate for your home. You can really get just about any size you could possibly want.

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The Advantages of Casement Windows

Many people opt for the standard single or double hung windows, without realizing that crank out windows are really popular as well. These casement windows have a variety of different advantages to consider. Hinged windows like this are really great for houses that need a lot of ventilation. They are really one of the most airy windows out there.

If you live in a warm area, then you will need some added ventilation to keep out the heat during the hot summer months. Casement windows can bring in a lot of fresh air, by allowing the breeze to blow into the window. Typically, the air flow will not go straight towards the window, but instead goes at an angle. This is what you want when it comes to ventilation.

Casement windows are also really great when it comes to insulation. This is because they do not really have moving parts. The hinge is the only place in which these windows move. The window is not two pieces of glass. It is a single piece. This gives more air resistance, and also gives you better insulation. If you want to boost insulation in your home, casement windows can be a great option.

Casement windows are also really easy to keep clean. You can open them easily and reach both sides of the windows. This means you don’t have to go outside to clean casement windows. This makes them ideal for places that are more difficult to reach. They make a great window for above your sink in the kitchen.

Finally, you will find that casement windows are a great type of window to use as a fire or emergency exit. Emergency exits are required by fire codes, so you need to have windows that will be easy for you to access in the event of an emergency. Casement windows really do offer adequate space to exit the home if you ever need to.

The Disadvantages of Casement Windows

There are also some disadvantages that come along with casement windows. First of all, they can be a little hard to get adjusted. They are great for letting air in, but they are not really easy to adjust to certain angles when you open them. You can avoid this by putting in a casement window stay to help keep them opened to a certain degree. Some windows even have stays that are built in, or they have a crank that will let you keep control over the position of the windows. Just check out the options when it comes to windows, to ensure that you get a window that is going to offer you the adjustability that you need.

Another disadvantage comes with the security of casement windows. They are really not the most secure windows, unless they are being properly maintained. As casement windows get older, the hinges and the hardware that make up the windows can start to rust. This may cause them to fail. If the hinges fail, then the home may not be as secure when it comes to a break in.

Another way to make your casement windows more adjustable is through the use of tensioner knobs. Tensioner knobs give you more flexibility for adjusting the angle of the opened window. This is usually a more expensive option than notched window stays, but it can be extremely effective. While it is more expensive, these tensioner knobs can wear out and most people say they are not as durable over time. It may be more ideal to go with notched stays.

Notched stays don’t offer the most adjustability, but they can still give you enough adjustment to bring in an adequate amount of breeze. They usually can be adjusted at four different levels, so that you can let in just as much fresh air as you would like. They are also really easy to adjust, and they are pretty durable. This is probably the best way to adjust your casement windows.

Determining Where to Position Your Casement Windows

Casement windows need to be positioned in order to give you the optimal air flow, if you plan to use them for ventilation. Casement windows are not just used for their appearance. If you live somewhere that has a breeze that comes from the same way each time, like by the beach, then you can determine where will be optimal for the right amount of breeze to come through.

Some places are less predictable when it comes to the direction of the wind. In these areas, you can determine which sides of the home get the most wind. There are a variety of ways that you can do this. Start by using wind chimes or another form of measuring the wind. This will give you an idea as to which areas outside your home catch the breeze most often. This is where you should place your windows.

Casement windows are great when it comes to letting air in, but you will also want any other type of window to help push the air back out on the other side. This is something to talk to your professional window installer about.

The Best Ways to Use Casement Windows

Casement windows are often used in areas that are more difficult to reach, such as over the sink in your kitchen. They are also a great addition to rooms that would offer a great view, as casement windows do not obstruct your view like single and double paned windows. You can also use them to help with improving ventilation. Some people have even used them as a way to flank a picture window to give more added ventilation to a room with large windows. You may even see them used in bay and bow windows, and in contemporary houses.

Interior Picture WindowHaving Your Casement Windows Professionally Installed

Installing windows is not something that most people can just do on their day off of work. It usually is something that is best left to the professionals. If you are looking for casement windows, be sure to talk to an installation professional. They will be able to help take the measurements for your new windows, and take care of all of the installation steps from start to finish. They will also be able to seal the windows, to ensure that there is no chance of weather or other elements entering the home. This is the best way to ensure that your windows have been properly installed. Doing it yourself will cost less, sure, but in the long run paying for a professional will more than pay for itself.

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