Cedar Siding: Pros & Cons

While there are multiple types of wood siding available to consumers, cedar wood is by far the most popular of them all. The natural look, feel and smell of cedar wood may be the reason for its popularity.The wood can also be cut into both lap siding, board and batten, as well as the familiar cedar shake style.Cedar siding also comes in two different siding grades: clear and knotty. Clear cedar the higher end product that also comes at a higher cost. Knotty cedar is more natural which gives a home a more woodsy feel and is also more budget friendly. However, it does require a lot of TLC to keep the cedar wood looking beautiful and maintained

Advantages of Cedar:

  1. The variety of wood grains gives the availability to provide your home its own unique look.
  2. Cedar can easily be stained which brings out the richness of the wood.
  3. Although regular maintenance may not seem appealing, this helps with the longevity of the cedar siding compared to other siding types.
  4. Installation is also relatively easy.
  5. If the cedar has not been treated with a preservative, the cedar is not renewable or biodegradable

Disadvantages of Cedar:

  1. Cedar, as with all wood siding is more susceptible to insects.
  2. Woodpeckers do tend to bore into the side of a wood siding house.
  3. Cedar, like all wood, also has a lower fire rating. It can be treated for fire resistance; however, it then becomes less environmentally friendly.
  4. The maintenance of wood is also one of the more expensive types of siding and if left unmaintained can crack or split.
  5. Wood is breathable but also takes on a lot of water and if it does not have the time and ability to dry out can rot and crumble over time.

Now that you know both the pros and cons of cedar siding you will be able to make your own educated decision on the type of siding you want to replace your old siding with. For inquiries and more information, contact the specific manufacturer for your cedar siding install.

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