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Typically, the front of your business is going to give the first impression of what you have to offer.  Give off a good first impression by considering commercial window replacement.  

Replacing your commercial windows can be a great investment.  Upgrading the look and security of your business with new windows can not only make your business look more appealing, but it can also help to cut your heating and cooling costs.  This can also make your business operate more efficiently. The good news is that there are a lot of different options for you to choose from. That means that you are sure to find the perfect windows to meet your needs. 

Are you looking to modernize the look for your business?  What about brightening up the workspace? No matter what reason you have for wanting to replace your windows, our expert window installers can help.  Take a closer look at some of the benefits of replacing your windows, and see if it may be the right decision for your business.

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Understanding the Drawbacks of Older Windows

Most older style windows are not very energy efficient.  The movement to be more green has really been somewhat of a recent endeavor, and that means that older windows are just simply not up to par.  They can be drafty, and are typically made up of a single pane of glass. Most also are not coated with any sort of protective coating to help block out heat, or keep in the warmth during the winter months. As windows age, they can also start to warp and crack.  

By using newer technology, new replacement windows can actually help to offer you more energy efficiency.  These windows can also be coated with Low-E coating, or other glazes, to help to block out harmful UV rays. UV rays have been shown to have negative effects on your furniture and belongings, including your flooring.  The coatings used on most newer model windows, however, repel these harmful rays, thus protecting your assets. 

The Benefits of Replacing Your Commercial Windows with Aluminum Windows

Replacing your windows with new aluminum windows can really be very beneficial.  Aluminum windows are a really energy efficient window type, and they are also really easy to maintain, with little to no required maintenance.  Older windows will often require you to paint them or scrape them regularly, to keep them looking in good condition. Windows also often require you to fix gaps or cracks.  This can be avoided by choosing quality commercial replacement windows. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the other benefits. 

First, commercial aluminum windows are very durable. The aluminum frames are made to withstand extreme temperatures better than most older window models.  Aluminum is made to last, and is not prone to corrosion or leaking, unlike steel and wooden windows. They are also not as likely to deteriorate. Wood window frames are especially prone to deterioration over time, more so when exposed to harsh weather elements. 

Aside from being really durable, aluminum replacement windows can also be a very cost effective choice.  Choosing windows that resist heat flow through the panes can really help to cut back on the cost of heating and cooling your business.  Electric and gas expenses are on the rise these days, which means that companies are looking for conventional ways that they can cut their costs.  

Finally, these new windows can help to reduce noise.  If you live in an area that has high traffic, then noise can be very pesky and stressful in the workplace.  Aluminum windows are noise reducing, and can really help to keep out the hustle and bustle of the city. To really reduce noise, choose windows with a higher sound transmission class number, or STC number.  

Important Options to Consider When Choosing Commercial Windows

When you are choosing your new commercial windows, there are quite a few things that you will want to consider.  Options that you can consider include tilt and slide hardware, adapters for easy installation, variety of different shaped windows, dual color options, multi point locking mechanisms, and much more.  As you choose your windows, discuss your particular business needs with a window installation professional.  

Energy efficiency is another important factor to consider when you are choosing your new replacement windows.  Look for windows that have an Energy Star rating, and have been certified by either the AAMA or the NFRC. Energy efficiency considers the U value, and the K value.  The U factor measures the rate that your windows transfer heat. Lower U factors are more insulating, and thus more energy efficient. The K value of your window is also important, and this value should be low to be considered energy efficient. 

How Much Will Your Commercial Windows Replacement Cost?

The actual cost of your replacement windows will depend on a variety of factors.  Different manufacturers have different prices on their window options. The type of glass that you choose for your windows also has a lot to do with the cost of the windows.  Choosing windows that are double or triple pane, with gas in between the panes, can be a bit pricier but it can also really help to improve the energy efficiency. Coatings and tints can also be added, for an additional cost.  

Aside from the glass for your windows, you will also choose frames.  The frame that you choose will have a lot to do with the overall cost of your window.  The type of material that is used for the frames can either be cheaper, or more expensive.  Typically, you get what you pay for. The more expensive frames are typically going to be more durable, and withstand the test of time better.  

Finally, consider the cost of installation.  Professional installation is not cheap. If you are going to just be replacing windows, however, it will not be as expensive as it would be to install a brand new window.  You can often still use the same location, to cut down on how much work has to be done to get the windows installed.  

To determine how much your commercial window replacement will be, contact one of our professional contractors.  We can help you choose the perfect windows for your commercial property, and also give a detailed estimate on the cost of the windows based on size and specifications, materials, framing, and installation.  We can help you work around your budget and find something that will meet your particular needs.

Installing Your New Commercial Windows

Window installation is not a do it yourself job.  In order to ensure that your windows are properly installed, it is important to have it done by the professionals.  Our professional installation team will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your windows are installed in a timely manner, and to your liking.  We will also ensure that we do not get in the way of your business routines, and keep the workplace clean and tidy.  

Knowing Your Commercial Window Warranty 

When you replace your business windows, it is important to make sure that you understand the warranty.  Each window manufacturer will have their own set of requirements, and warranty coverages. Be sure to read the fine print.  You will want to make sure that the warranty is transferable on the off chance that the business is sold down the line. Most window warranties will cover both manufacturer defects, and workmanship involved with installation.  

Choosing a professional installer is also important because if you do not, then your warranty may actually be void.  When spending a good amount of money investing in replacing your windows, you definitely want to make sure that your warranty is in full effect.  This can help if there are any issues down the road.  

Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Windows? 

If you are trying to decide if it will be worth it to replace your windows, there are a few things that you may consider.  First, consider the age of your existing windows. Are they cracked? Do they leak? Are the frames warped or corroded? Is heat easily transferred through the window panes?  These are all important questions. If you notice that your windows are in bad shape, then replacing them may actually be a good investment.  

If your windows are still in good shape, however, you may have some other options when it comes to improving energy efficiency.  There are solar films that can be applied to tint existing windows to help cut down on heat transfer. Storm windows can also be added to the outside of your existing windows to help give more insulation.  The problem with this is that your existing windows have to be in tip top shape. This is often used in historical commercial buildings, where you don’t want to take away from the original appearance and design of your windows.  This may or may not be an option, but is something to consider if you aren’t quite ready to completely replace your windows. 

Here at Hatch Homes, we offer a wide variety of commercial replacement windows for you to choose from.  Contact us today to discuss your personal needs with one of our specialists. We will help from start to finish to ensure that your window replacement goes smoothly from start to finish.  

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