Comparing Replacement Window Options

When it comes to window replacement options, homeowners today have four major options to consider. Let’s briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages to each window material type.

1) Vinyl replacement window
Vinyl windows are the most commonly selected remodeling and new construction window in the Carolinas. Vinyl windows are made of polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC. The plastic base window enables homeowners to replace their old house windows at a cost effective price point. Performance, durability and aesthetics are the downsides of vinyl windows. Vinyl windows will warp overtime causing functional and energy efficiency problems.

2) Aluminum replacement window
Aluminum replacement windows are a shrinking product category within the replacement window space. Many homeowners of the past chose to remodel with aluminum windows for the same reasons that homeowner select vinyl windows today. While these windows are more affordable than their wood or composite counterparts, aluminum replacement windows lack the same performance, durability, low maintenance properties and aesthetics.

3) Wood replacement windows
Wood windows add a touch of luxury to both the inside and outside of a home. Wood replacement windows can be painted or stained any color. New wood house windows are an excellent choice to preserve the historical character of a property. However, these windows require extensive maintenance to preserve their long-term durability and good looks. Wood windows are subject to premature deterioration as a result of moisture driven rot when installed incorrectly.

4) Composite Replacement Windows

Composite remodeling replacement windows incorporate and amplify the best aspects of vinyl, aluminum and wood windows. They have the look and feel of natural wood windows while offering unmatched customization options. Composite replacement windows are the lowest maintenance windows in their class. Also, composite windows are more durable than any other window option. When properly installed, composite windows are lifetime windows backed by a superior warranty. The only drawback to composite windows is the initial investment required to install them. The good news is that the composite windows yield a tremendously high return on investment for homeowners that select them.

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