Compositwood – Superior Design

Compositwood – Superior Design


  • Double Pane: Low E + Clear; Argon
  • U-factor:

.25 – Double Hung, Slider

.23 – Casement, Awning

.21 – Double Hung w/Dual Energy Saver IS

.22 – Slider w/Dual Energy Saver IS

.20 – Casement, Awning w/Dual Energy Saver IS*TRIPLE FUEL SAVER™+

  • Triple Pane: Low E + Low E + Clear; Argon + Argon
  • U-factor:

.19 – Double Hung, Slider *

.18 – Casement, Awning *

.17 – Direct Set Picture Window*TRIPLE FUEL SAVER MAX

Triple Pane: Low E + Low E + Clear; Krypton + Krypton

  • U-factor:

.16 – Double Hung *

.15 – Slider

.14 – Casement, Awning *

.13 – Direct Set Picture Window*

+All values based on 2.3 mm glass pane thickness. Results may vary with different glass thicknesses, tempered glass, grid applications and other specialty glass types.DURALITE™ SPACER

The Duralite Spacer System insulates glass edges better than solid foam or metal spacers. The hollow design traps air to deliver the maximum thermal performance.The patented air pocket design creates the lowest U-value available.

CompositWood windows have been designated as “Envirosealed” windows through the use of the Duralite Spacer System technology, which saves energy, the environment and more.


  • Interstate has a 95% argon/krypton gas fill rate—which is an industry best.
  • The OptiGas advanced, precise gas filling system allows individual insulated glass units to reach full potential to create ultimate U-factors.
  • OptiGas is able to measure the exact amount of argon or krypton gas flowing into each insulated glass unit to control the gas fill, which ensures optimal thermal performance and energy efficiency.


• Multistage water purification system eliminates over 90% of tiny particles which creates smooth and clean glass units.

  • Ionized water is introduced to ultraviolet lighting which kills bacteria.
  • Exceptionally clean glass, minimal detergent use, and glass panes that aggressively adhere to the DuraLite spacer for the very best insulated glass seal.
  •  Water use is at a minimum to conserve natural resources.


• Air entering the clean room is filtered to eliminate dust and other pollutants, keeping the glass clean.

  • Technicians wear specialized gloves and surgical masks to prevent finger print contamination of the insulated glass units.
  • Positive pressurization forces filtered air from the clean room, eliminating potentially dusty regular plant air from entering.
  • Climate controlled for optimal air temperature application of DuraLite insulating glass spacer while created a comfortable work atmosphere for the technicians.
  • Air is dehumidified to assure the perfect humidity levels, which helps aid in the creation of the best insulated glass seal.

LIGHT-LIFT™ SP (Superior Performance) New 3rd Generation Double Hung Window Sash Balance System

  • Smooth and quietly operates – sashes raise & lower with ease
  • Enables full egress without limiting sash travel
  • Interlocking pivot bar provides a higher structural performance rating
  • Tilts in for easy cleaning. Lifts out for easy sash removal
  • High-quality stainless steel coils prevent rot and lengthen the lifetime of the product
  • The same high-quality coils are used in the aerospace and military industries for counter-balance on Mars Rover Curiosity, tanks, submarines and more. 

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