Concerns About Vinyl Siding Melting? Consider James Hardie Siding!

If you’re planning to have new siding put on your home in the near future, you’ve probably begun looking into the various options that are on the market right now. Vinyl siding remains, of course, the most popular choice for American homeowners, with nearly ¾ of the nation’s homes being clad in this sort of siding. There are, however, some things about vinyl siding that might be giving you pause.

For one thing, this sort of siding can melt, which is a concern for many homeowners. Other than melting in a house fire, which isn’t very likely, vinyl siding can melt when direct sunlight from a neighbor’s window reflects onto the siding for an extended period of time. This should worry you, particularly if you live in a neighborhood where the houses are quite close together. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent vinyl siding from melting:

  1. Add a screen over the window – If you are friends with your neighbor, you may be able to ask him or her to add a screen to cover the problematic window. This is not, however, an option in all cases; if you don’t know your neighbors at all, for instance, you might be uncomfortable doing this.
  2. Plant something between the window and your house – If you have enough space between the offending window and your exterior wall, plant a hedge or a tree. This will prevent any reflecting light from reaching your siding.
  3. Replacing the glass in the window with an anti-glare style – Again, unless you know your neighbor very well, you might not feel comfortable with this option. If you’re friendly, however, you may want to inquire about replacing the glass in the window with a style that has anti-reflective properties. It would behoove you to offer to pay for the glass yourself since you are the one who has concerns.

If none of these things seem feasible in your situation, there is another option. You can simply choose James Hardie fiber cement siding when you have your house re-sided. This type of siding is quickly gaining popularity with homeowners throughout the Carolinas due to its durability, resistance to mold, and fire retardant features. Even direct flames do not cause this sort of siding to burn, which gives it a distinct advantage over both wood and vinyl.

There are, though, many homeowners who aren’t yet familiar with fiber cement siding because it is relatively new to the market. To learn more about how James Hardie siding could work for your family’s house, contact the Hatch Homes team today. We’ve been installing this sort of siding for quite some time and enjoy helping potential clients understand all the benefits it can offer.

We would love to handle your remodeling project and help you select the ideal fiber cement siding for your lifestyle. You will not be disappointed if you choose this type of siding. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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