Consider Bahama Shutters to Add Tropical Flair to Your House

Whether you’re a resident of a beach-loving city like Charleston, SC or you’re a landlocked homeowner who wants island style to greet you every time you come home, Bahama shutters are likely to be the perfect addition to your home. You may have heard of Bahama shutters before without being truly familiar with what they are and how they function. That’s why this guide was written. As you continue reading, you will see some common questions and answers about this specific shutter style.

How do Bahama shutters work?

Bahama shutters are crafted using a method called “stile and rail.” Essentially, these window coverings have louvers that allow them to be easily opened and closed, providing residents of tropical regions with the ability to enjoy a breeze all year long. In some extremely temperate areas, such as Caribbean islands, people are able to go entirely without air conditioning due to the excellent functionality of Bahama shutters.

What are the main benefits of Bahama shutters?

Bahama shutters have a number of perks, particularly in parts of the United States, like South Carolina, where it doesn’t tend to get very chilly in the wintertime. One of the benefits, as mentioned above, is that these shutters are very good at serving their intended purpose; they allow breezes to flow into interior spaces, often eliminating the need for potentially costly air conditioning units. Furthermore, due to their louvered design, Bahama shutters provide a great deal of privacy for homeowners whether they are open or closed.

Another thing many love about Bahama shutters is that they look good inside and outside, meaning curtains, blinds, or other window treatments do not need to be used in conjunction with them. This not only saves money but makes interior decorating easier. Modern Bahama shutters even tend to be storm-rated, which is excellent news for those who reside in hurricane-prone locations.

Can I use Bahama shutters if it gets cold where I live?

Those who live in colder parts of our service area, such as the mountains of North Carolina, might be wondering if they, too, can use Bahama shutters. The answer is yes! You will love these shutters during the warmer months of the year and, during the wintertime, you can simply leave them closed. When the snow is blowing outside, they will remind you of warmer weather and transport you to the tropics in your mind.

What material is used to make Bahama shutters?

Traditionally, Bahama shutters are crafted of wood; remember, they have existed in sub-tropical regions for centuries! Rubber tree wood and Western red cedar wood are both popular options. However, it is also possible for these kinds of shutters to be made using durable vinyl.

If you are interested in having Bahama shutters installed at your house, give the Hatch Homes team a call today. We will get you on the schedule as soon as possible and look forward to getting to know you and your family! We hope this won’t be the only project you allow us to oversee and you transform the appearance of your home.

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