Consider Vertical Siding For Your Home to Stand Out

Because siding usually lasts a long time, barring some sort of accident or natural disaster, the majority of homeowners only have to invest in replacement siding once or twice, even if they live in their homes for decades! Since this is the case, choosing new siding is a big deal. Not only is siding replacement a relatively expensive home improvement project, but you are probably going to be coming home to whatever siding style you select for at least two decades. Many of today’s homeowners want their houses to have unique aesthetics without going overboard and just looking odd. Nowhere is this desire to blend tradition with contemporary sensibilities more prevalent than in Southern states like North Carolina and South Carolina.

If you are planning to upgrade your Carolina home’s siding in the near future, consider having it installed vertically instead of in the traditional horizontal fashion. This is an excellent way to make sure your newly remodeled residence stand out in your neighborhood for all the right reasons. As you continue reading this short guide, you will learn more about why you ought to look into vertical siding installation and the benefits it has to offer.

Your house will be eye-catching

As established in the opening paragraphs, vertical siding has a different look than the horizontal siding most American homes have. Vertical boards are at once contemporary and classic, which is a difficult combination to find and one that happens to be ideal for many North Carolina and South Carolina homes. It is worth pointing out that horizontal siding installation is the easier of the two options, so if you choose to have your boards put up vertically, you may have to pay extra labor costs. This will be well worth it once your house is finished and you get to see how fantastic it looks!

Cleaning it is simple

Horizontal siding boards can accumulate dirt and dust in their grooves because there is simply nowhere else for these unwanted items to go. Vertical siding, on the other hand, allows lawn waste and other debris to quickly runoff onto the ground whenever it rains. This means this sort of siding requires virtually no maintenance once it is installed. You might choose to have the exterior of your house power washed once a year, but even that is more of a preference than a necessity when you choose vertical siding.

Any siding material can be used

Regardless of what siding material you’re planning to use on your house, rest assured that it can be installed vertically. Whether you choose fiber cement for its durability, wood for its rustic aesthetic, or vinyl for its affordability, your contractor should be able to put it on your home in any direction you choose. It is, however, a good idea to make your plans known before you sign any paperwork. Certain professionals have never done vertical siding installation in the past and may not be comfortable with it.

The team at Hatch Homes is skilled at installing all sorts of siding. No matter what you have in mind for the exterior of your house, we would love to handle the project for you. There’s nothing our crew enjoys more than completely transforming the look of a home with brand new siding. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our years of experience throughout the Carolinas.

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