Coordinating or Contrasting Your Roof and Siding: Crucial Questions

If you are planning a major exterior renovation of your North Carolina or South Carolina residence, there are dozens of questions that need to be answered. From determining what material you want to use for cladding to deciding on a roof style to small details like your house number font, the decisions are seemingly unending! One issue you will need to consider, probably sooner rather than later, is whether you want your roof and siding colors to coordinate or contrast.

There is no single right answer to this, but there very well might be a right answer for you and your family. After you think through the following questions, you should have a much better idea of what siding and roof color combination is the best fit for your personal style and the overall aesthetic you want for your home. 

Am I keeping my current roof or siding? 

It’s important to note that the term “major renovation” doesn’t necessarily mean you are planning to replace both your roof and your siding. If you intend to keep one or the other, you will need to take its current color into consideration. If, for example, you are not replacing your black asphalt shingle roof, choosing dark grey siding might not be a great choice. This combination is likely to clash instead of contrast or match. 

In most cases, shingle roofs, which are the most common in the United States, and vinyl siding each last for 20-25 years. If the siding and roof you have right now weren’t put on at the same time, however, one of these features might not yet require replacement. There is no point spending the extra thousands of dollars to replace perfectly good materials, so it’s best to use them as a baseline for your color scheme!

Do I want a traditional or bold look?

Consider the look you want your Carolina residence to have once your upcoming remodel is finished. If you are going for a traditional appearance, you might want to stick with a conventional color combination, such as a black or dark brown roof and white or beige siding. If, however, you want your house to stand out, a unique mixture, like black fiber cement siding coupled with black metal roofing, might be a viable option for you. 

How much money do I have available?

Although the answer to this question won’t directly impact your color combination choice, it could still play a small role. If, for example, you have a very limited budget, you might not have access to as many siding colors as someone who can afford upgraded product lines. The same is true for roofing materials. If you only have the budget for basic asphalt shingles, you’ll have fewer color options than a homeowner who can purchase slate or copper, for instance. 

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