Creating a More Energy Efficient Sunroom: A Guide

Since many regions of North Carolina and South Carolina enjoy great weather almost all year, sunrooms are particularly popular in these states. As much fun as these spaces can be, they also tend to lack energy efficiency. This can be problematic in a culture that is increasingly focused on sustainability and going green. If you are concerned that your sunroom isn’t as energy efficient as it could be, you’re in the right place. As you read on, you’ll find helpful tips that will help you create the ideal sunroom in your house. 

      • Make air leakage a non-issue – Sunrooms often have a lot of windows. While this allows for natural light to stream in and typically offers a lovely panoramic view, it can also lead to a great deal of air leakage. Whether your windows were improperly installed from the start or your Carolina residence has settled over time, the odds are good that there are gaps somewhere in your window frames. The best way to seal these is to install weatherstripping, which is extremely affordable, readily available at any hardware store, and simple to install. 
      • Invest in tinted windows – Tinted windows are the ideal choice for sunrooms, which can easily become overly hot in the summertime and overly cold during the winter months. In addition to keeping you more comfortable all year round, tinted windows can prevent UV rays from fading your furniture and decorative items. Many tinted window options include low-E glass, which further blocks ultraviolet light from penetrating. 
      • Purchase curtains – Particularly during the cold winter months, blackout curtains can greatly increase insulation in sunrooms. These curtains provide an extra layer to keep warm air inside your home, ultimately requiring you to use less heat to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Another option, especially if you live in a warm region of the Carolinas, is to hang reflective blinds. These deflect, rather than absorb, sunlight, which makes them perfect for sunny climates.
      • Hang a ceiling fan – Ceiling fans use very little energy and do a surprisingly good job of keeping temperatures steady in sunrooms. During the wintertime, reverse the direction of the blades to help move warm air toward the floor. 
      • Purchase new siding – New siding can greatly increase insulation, helping you save money on utility bills. Even if your Carolina sunroom primarily has windows, new siding will make a positive difference. Talk to our team about insulated siding options for optimum results. 

If you are interested in having new windows installed in your sunroom or new siding put on your house, contact Hatch Homes at your earliest convenience. Our team performs jobs throughout North Carolina and South Carolina and we can put in any sort of window you are interested in. We also install a wide variety of siding types, including fiber cement. We’re here to answer all of your replacement window and siding questions, so don’t hesitate to call even if you aren’t sure you’re ready to schedule your job just yet!

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