Creatively Conceal Cords & Wires

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You are not alone if you’re tired of seeing cords from electronics hanging down your walls and cluttering your floors. Not only are these wires unsightly, but they can be choking hazards for small children and pets. Fortunately, there are a number of creative ways you can conceal cords and wires at home. Not every option works in every residence, but hopefully, some of the suggestions below will help you find a solution that will work well in your Carolina home.

Custom entertainment centers

One way to make sure cords stay hidden is to construct a custom entertainment center specifically to hide them. If you or one of your family members is skilled at building furniture, you can create a plan for a piece that will hide all of the wires you have. It is important to account for anything you may add in the future, like a new gaming system or Blu-Ray player. If you aren’t comfortable building an entertainment center yourself, start contacting reputable craftsmen who live and work in your part of North Carolina or South Carolina. 

In-wall wiring 

In-wall wiring is an excellent option for those who are constructing new homes or who are already in the middle of renovation projects. If, however, you are hoping to add in-wall wiring to an existing wall, you certainly aren’t out of luck. As a matter of fact, there are affordable kits that contain everything you need to thread cords through the wall behind televisions, light fixtures, and mounted stereo systems. Essentially, you will make two holes and run the wire between them so it can connect to both the device and the necessary socket. 

Bundle wires together 

If you live in a rental property or if you simply don’t have the extra money for either of the first two solutions right now, bundling excess wires and cords together can still make them less of an eyesore. Special products called “cord sleeves” are made to conceal wires along baseboards and hanging down walls; these are available in a variety of colors so you can choose one that will blend into your decor. If you don’t want to spend any money, though, you can bundle cords using zip ties or twist ties you already have at home. 

Invest in decorative boxes

Another extremely affordable way to hide unattractive wires is to put necessary electronic devices into stylish storage boxes. If, for example, you can place a cube organizer in front of an outlet, you can put your router, modem, and disc players into boxes, then coil their wires neatly on top of them. They won’t be visible from the room and you’ll have easy access to all of the electronics you use on a regular basis. 

Since technology plays a key role in modern life, cords and wires aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to incorporate them into your at-home lifestyle without ruining your decor. These ideas should get you started. If you are considering extensive renovations to your Carolina home, contact the Hatch Homes team to learn more about the exterior remodeling services we offer.

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