Customer Experience Revolution

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The way that consumers and service providers interact with one another is dramatically shifting across almost every industry. Online purchasing, 24/7 customer service, and cutting-edge perks are the new way that service providers are competing for consumer approval. The buying process is quickly becoming easier, more transparent, and more time efficient. Unfortunately, this wave has not yet hit the construction world.

The primary goal of Hatch is to revolutionize the customer experience within the home improvement industry.

We plan on doing this in three ways:

1)  Virtual Consultations

You’re busy. We get it. Say goodbye to the exhausting process of scheduling and coordinating contractors for quotes on your remodeling project.

2)  Transparency

No surprises, upsells, price-dropping, or high-pressure sales tactics. Our pricing is fully transparent down to the number of material pieces.

3)  Hatch’s Home Visualizer

A material sample only goes so far. Seeing is believing. Hatch’s Home Visualizer allows homeowners to upload a picture of their own home and completely customize the exterior.

More than just a contractor.

Hatch is your partner for exterior remodeling.