Decorating Trends For Coastal Homes

Our service area extends to the coastal Carolinas, where cities like Charleston, SC, and North Carolina’s Outer Banks are located. The people who live in these regions love the lifestyle that comes with owning property near the ocean, and their houses reflect it. However, you don’t even have to live on the coast to bring beachy style to your interior!

As you read the rest of this guide, you’ll learn about a selection of coastal design trends that are sure to continue into the next few years. Whether you live in the mountains of North Carolina, the hills of Virginia or you’ve fully embraced beach-bum status; you can use these tips to bring nautical style to your abode!

Seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

For coastal homeowners, life really does move fluidly between indoor spaces and the beach. Creating areas that bridge the indoors and outdoors has become a major design trend. If, for instance, you’re a surfer, adding a room where you store your boards, and other gear at the back of your house is a great way to bring your love of the beach life into your space.

Turn gardens into outdoor rooms.

Because the Southeastern coast tends to be temperate year-round, it is possible for homeowners to enjoy being outside most of the year. This means that it is worth the money to create beautiful gardens. An increasing number of families on the coast have been asking their landscapers to put together outdoor rooms that feature everything from televisions to gourmet kitchens in addition, of course, to beautiful beachy plants.

A coastal palette.

One of the greatest things about living near the coast is enjoying the soothing colors of the water and the beach every day. Bringing these hues inside is a great way to relax no matter where you live. Consider using pale aqua accents and sandy walls throughout your home to feel like you’re at the beach 24/7.

It also bears noting that people are starting to realize that living close to nature is one of the best ways to truly enjoy life. In a world that is connected all the time, spending time outdoors makes us remember what really matters. Living in a house that features a coastal color palette is an excellent way to remind yourself to put your screens down and enjoy the world around you on a daily basis.

Mixing sophistication and beach life.

By nature, life by the beach tends to be casual and carefree. However, some families, especially those informal towns like Charleston, want to blend sophistication with beachy elements. This is a trend that certainly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Pairing streamlined, modern furniture with a bold accent, such as a coral chandelier, is a great way to achieve this sought-after look.

If you’re thinking about making changes to your home to create beach-worthy appeal, contact the Hatch Homes office today. As a Carolina-based company, we love to work with clients who appreciate the beach lifestyle as much as we do. We look forward to meeting you and hope to start on your upcoming project soon!

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