Design Standards For Great Curb Appeal

Since you probably only pay attention to the front of your house when you’re pulling away in the morning and returning home in the evening, you might have found yourself spending a lot more time decorating the inside of your home than the exterior entry. This is, however, an essential part of your house! It gives people their first impression of where you live, so if you want to have great curb appeal, you need to pay attention to how it looks. As you read on, you’ll see some design standards you should adhere to achieve this appealing curb appeal.

Play-up symmetry and depth

Symmetrical houses are usually naturally pleasing to the eye, but sometimes they can lack depth and visual interest. If your home has perfect symmetry, play it up by using shutters that contrast with the main color of your exterior walls and by selecting a bold front door that will draw people in. Furthermore, since symmetrical houses often have stoops instead of front porches, adding columns by your entry door can supply additional depth.

Use height to your advantage

If you live in a two-story or three-story home, let its height dictate your exterior design plan. There are several ways to make big houses work to your advantage from a decorating standpoint. You might, for instance, want to use vertical siding boards instead of conventional horizontal ones. You can also add dormers to upper-level windows, which will draw the eye toward the top of your house.

Use width to your advantage

Height isn’t the only size-related feature that can help you design a beautiful front entry. An extra-wide house can also be advantageous. Wide front porches that typically lead into expansive walls of windows on either side usually have a naturally upscale appearance. Take this into consideration when you select finishes for your front entry. Choosing a high-end exterior light fixture and adding wide-set planters, for example, can elevate the look of your home’s exterior.

Odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing

When you are making design decisions regarding your front entry, remember that odd-numbered groupings tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than even-numbered sets. This doesn’t refer to your house number, but rather to things like the number of throw pillows on your outdoor sofa or the number of panels on a door with glass insets. Instead of using four of something, for instance, use three or five. Talk to a professional designer if you have questions about how to best use your home’s existing features!

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