Differences Between New Construction and Replacement Windows

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Throughout the Carolinas and around the country, homeowners understand the importance of having new, energy-efficient windows in their homes, but do not necessarily grasp the differences between new construction windows and replacement windows. There are, however, important discrepancies that need to be noted.

As you continue reading this guide, you will learn more about how new construction windows and replacement windows differ from each other and understand which option makes sense for your family’s situation.

Understanding Nailing Fins

Nailing fins are window extensions with regularly spaced nail holes that surround an entire window. These are only used on new construction windows and are attached to a home’s sheathing, which can require siding and trim to be moved to accommodate the new window opening.

Replacement windows do not involve the use of nailing fins, as they are put into pre-existing window openings. Some window panes are made to fit standard sized openings, while others are custom cut for unique sizes. The lack of nailing fins typically makes replacement windows cheaper than new construction styles.

Understanding When Replacement Windows Are Better

The majority of the time, replacement windows are the best solution for homeowners throughout Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding region. As long as your home’s window frames are in good enough shape to support new panes, replacement windows are the most cost-effective, labor-reducing choice.

If you aren’t sure whether or not replacement windows will work for you, let the skilled team at Hatch Homes help. We’ll visit your residence for a consultation and provide you with answers and advice so you can rest assured you’ve chosen the perfect windows for your house.

Understanding When New Construction Windows Are Better

As the name indicates, new construction windows are almost always used as new homes are being built; this is because the window openings are quite literally being cut as the panes are going in. In an existing home, new construction windows only need to be used in very specific circumstances.

If, for example, you live in an old home that was abandoned before you moved in, any wooden window frames might have completely rotted, making them unsuitable for new panes. Or, you might be doing major renovations that involve relocating window openings. In cases like these, a contractor might recommend new construction windows if the openings are going to have to be recut or moved anyway.

Hatch Homes can install both replacement windows and new construction windows for homeowners in the Carolinas and other parts of the mid-south. If you are ready to talk about getting new windows for your home, give us a call today!

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