Does My Home Really Need Gutters?

In many cases, homeowners don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about their gutters until something goes wrong. Then, however, a previously functional gutter system can require a great deal of time and effort to repair. Furthermore, gutters are not exactly inexpensive — while some styles are affordable for most Carolina homeowners, others, like copper gutters, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

All of this might have led you to wonder, “Why does my home even need gutters at all?” The honest answer to this question is that there are a few situations in which houses don’t actually need gutters! However, if you live in North Carolina or South Carolina — and you probably do since you’ve found this guide — the odds are good that you absolutely need a high-quality gutter system on your house. 


When you need gutters.

You have red clay under your foundation — Throughout the Carolinas, but in North Carolina in particular, red clay is nearly everywhere. This substance is notoriously difficult to contend with from a construction standpoint because of its soft, pliable nature. If you don’t want the foundation of your home to become damaged — or deal with regular interior flooding from water seeping underneath of the foundation — a properly functioning gutter system that will drain water away from your house is a necessity in this case. 

Your home is at the bottom of a hill — If your residence is situated at the bottom of a hill or slope, even on just one side, you must have gutters installed to protect the integrity of your home. Without a quality gutter system, rainwater will simply pool next to your foundation, ultimately leading to structural damage that will be costly — or even impossible — to fully repair. 


When you can skip gutters.

Your home is surrounded by concrete — There are few situations in which a home is entirely surrounded by concrete slabs, including sidewalks and patios. However, in certain cases, this does occur. People who live in urban townhouses, for example, often find that their residences do not actually touch grass or other greenspace. If your Carolina home truly has concrete surrounding it, you may not need gutters. Consult with a professional before automatically assuming this, however. 


You reside in a dry, arid region — If you reside in North Carolina or South Carolina, this is extremely unlikely to apply to you and, in fact, is one of the reasons Carolinians typically do require gutters — the climate in the Southeast is humid and wet, in many cases, not arid and dry. Homeowners in the American Southwest, however, are frequently able to go without gutter systems because it so rarely rains where they live.


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