Does Your Home Need New Gutters?

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Here are three reasons why your home would benefit from new gutters.

  1. Foundation Damage

Expansion and contraction of the earth around your house is the primary culprit of slab failure. Rain causes soil to saturate with water. Sunlight causes soil to contract and pull away from your home. The constant repetition of this cycle compromises the support that the soil provides to your home’s foundation. Cracked foundations and sticky windows and doors are a result of this process. Properly install gutter systems will protect the soil around your house. Gutters keep the surrounding soil at an ideal water saturation level by redirecting water away from the foundation

  1. Staining

Water that flows off gutter-less roofs can hit the ground and cause backsplash. This leads to dirt, grass, and potentially harmful minerals covering masonry and siding, resulting in stains that can be difficult to remove.

  1. Landscaping Damage

Falling roofline water can damage plants and flowers while disturbing soil and mulch. Also, overwatering can lead to accelerated fungus growth which attracts harmful insects and pests.

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