Does Your House Have Masonite Siding?

As discussed in the previous article, Masonite siding is a building product used as house siding that has provided North Carolina and South Carolina with widespread failure through recent years. The intent of this article to provide the information needed for homeowners to properly identify if Masonite Siding currently envelops the exterior of their home.

We will focus on four visual characteristics of Masonite siding:

1) Horizontal Bead
A reliable way of determining if hardboard siding is indeed Masonite siding is the horizontal bead that runs across the bottom of the boards. This is an aesthetic that has been made famous in the Carolina’s and is often referred to as ‘Carolina Beaded’ or ‘Charleston Beaded’. Many homeowners would like to maintain the historic character of their home by incorporating a beaded siding. Under these scenarios, homeowners should look to vinyl or Hardie fiber cement siding as these products alos have beaded materials.

2) Siding Joint Clips
Many Masonite installers use plastic or aluminum clips at the siding joints of Masonite siding to hide unsightly gaps that result due to expansion and contraction of the siding on the wall. Unfortunately for Masonite homeowners, the color of these clips will fade a different rate of the siding causing discoloration in about 4-6 years.

3) Face Nailing
The material will most likely be face nailed in vertical patterns throughout a wall space. Because the material lacks structural stability, installers are forced to pepper the outside material with nails visible from the exterior. These nails can rust overtime. They are also an intrusion point for water to enter the siding and underlying wall.

4) Overall Rot & Decay
After prolonged exposure to the elements, Masonite siding will begin break apart on the wall. It will begin to resemble a cardboard like material as the material can be indented with the slight push of a finger.

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