Doorknob Shopping FAQs

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Remodeling projects of any kind are almost always worth it but can be stressful. Even something as seemingly simple as investing in the new interior or exterior doorknobs and locksets and lead to confusion, especially for homeowners who haven’t done the appropriate research first. There are a number of common inquiries that relate to doorknob shopping. In this guide, you’ll find a carefully curated list of questions and answers that will make it easier for you to choose the right door hardware for your project.

What’s the first thing I should do?

There are actually two things you should decide before you ever visit a store to look at new doorknobs and lock sets. The first is to determine the finish you prefer. This will allow you to automatically eliminate any styles that do not fit into that category, making the entire browsing process less overwhelming. Some common finishes are oil-rubbed bronze, pewter, metallic gold, and brushed silver. The overall style of your home and your personal preferences are both likely to place a role in the finish you finally settle on.

The second thing you need to settle prior to going shopping is your budget. Doorknobs and lock sets run the gamut in regard to price, with the most affordable options at big box stores costing around $20 and high-end, custom styles running well over $1,000 in some instances. Once you have a firm budget for your purchase, shopping will be less stressful because you will know exactly how much you can comfortably afford to spend on this aspect of your renovation.

What is a cylindrical lockset?

Cylindrical locksets are made of a series of rounded holes that fit into one another. The lock’s rounded body perfectly fits into a hole drilled into the surface of the door, where the latch bolt crosses it. The latch bolt itself fits into a small hole that is located at the edge of the door. This sort of lock set doesn’t have a built-in deadbolt, so you’ll have to add one if you desire extra security.

What is a mortise lockset?

Mortise lock sets consist of a rectangular body that fits into a rectangular cutout on the edge of the door. The mortise body itself controls the doorknob, door latch, lever, and deadbolt lock. Because the deadbolt is typically connected directly to a mortise lockset, you won’t need to add another lock unless you desire to for some reason.

How do interior and exterior door knobs differ?

Although interior and exterior door knobs sometimes differ in appearance, with interior knobs often being less ornate, their primary difference lies in the area of security. Where interior knobs sometimes have no lock and, in other cases, have a single push-button lock on one side, exterior door knobs are specifically designed for safety, rather than mere privacy. Exterior knobs are designed to be used with keys and, if your home is ever compromised, should be re-keyed or changed entirely.

If you have any other questions about doorknobs and locksets before you make a purchase, don’t hesitate to call the Hatch Homes office. We are here to assist you! Whether your doorknob upgrade is a standalone project or part of a large renovation job, our team can make the process simpler for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to be involved in your upcoming remodel.

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