End-of-Summer Window Care Suggestions

For many families, the summer season of long, lazy days, vacations, and spending time outdoors is never long enough. But, like it or not, fall arrives every year without fail. No matter where you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, there are sure to be temperature changes, some more drastic than others, that come with the turning of the seasons. If you are a homeowner, there are plenty of things you need to do each year at the end of summertime to make sure you are well-prepared for the chillier months ahead. In this guide, you will learn more about how to properly prep and care for your windows as summer once again draws to a close.

Get rid of dirt, twigs, and debris

Although summer weather may feel mild, it can actually be harsh on home exteriors. Summer thunderstorms, for instance, impact states throughout the Southeast, including both of the Carolinas. The strong winds and heavy rains that come with these storms can cause dirt, twigs, leaves, and other debris to settle in and around window sills. In addition to being visually unappealing, this lawn waste can make it difficult for your windows to form the airtight seal they are supposed to.

If you don’t take care of this issue, as the weather turns colder, you may notice drafty areas in your home and higher utility bills. To clean your window sills properly, use either a dry, microfiber cloth that won’t leave lint behind or a feather duster to sweep all dirt and other debris away. If there are grooves in the design of your windowsill, a pipe cleaner is a perfect tool to remove set-in dirt and dust.

Assess the state of your weather stripping

Weatherstripping is an essential part of any properly functioning window. It helps windows, regardless of their age, be as energy-efficient as possible and typically lowers utility bills for homeowners all year long. It can, however, get worn and require replacement. Each year at the end of the summer season, it’s an excellent idea to check the weather stripping on all of your home’s windows to make sure it hasn’t peeled away from the frame or started to disintegrate. If you notice any problems, either reattach the weather stripping or have it replaced.

Check for damaged or rotting frames. 

Over time, even the most well-made window frames can begin to show signs of wear. Wood frames, of course, can rot from exposure to excess moisture, while vinyl frames can start to crack. Before fall and winter arrive each year, it is wise to give your window frames a once-over. If you notice any problems, contact a reputable professional to discuss full or partial window replacement options. The newer your window frames are, the more airtight and energy-efficient they will be.

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