Entry Door Shopping 101

Whether you’re sick of your current front door, you recently moved into an existing house with an unattractive front door, or you are in the process of building a new home that needs a front door, finding the right one for your house can be a challenge! There are hundreds upon hundreds of combinations of material, color, and hardware you can choose from, making the shopping process feel tedious sometimes. This guide is meant to help you by giving you tips and information that will lead you to the perfect entry door for you and your family.

Shopping Tips

Online research is key – Even if you don’t end up buying your new entry door on the web, it’s a good idea to do online research prior to visiting a store. This will help you go on your shopping trip with some concept of what you want, preventing you from becoming completely overwhelmed when you enter a store. Furthermore, online prices are often cheaper than in-store rates, so you’ll already have a baseline for how much you ought to be paying for the type of front door you want.

Consider energy efficiency – Usually, wood doors do not insulate as well as steel and fiberglass models. Depending on where in the Carolinas you live, this may or may not be a major concern to you. If you are interested in an EnergyStar rated door, make sure you look for the symbol on all of the entry doors you’re seriously considering. It does bear noting that doors usually don’t account for a great deal of heat loss, particularly if you invest in a storm door as well.

Think about must-have features – Before you start seriously shopping for a new entry door, you should figure out what extra features are priorities for you. If, for example, you already know your home is settling, an adjustable threshold is probably a good idea; this will allow you to keep your door sealed from the inclement weather without buying a new sweep later.

Glass detailing is another feature you need to think about. Side lites, for instance, can add a great deal of natural light to a dark foyer and arched glass inserts in doors look lovely. However, every pane of glass you add will increase the cost of your new front door, so take that into consideration as you plan your budget.

Door Materials

Fiberglass – Fiberglass doors are mid-range in regard to price and have steadily gained popularity among homeowners in recent years. These doors are available in two finishes, smooth surface, and wood grain. The wood grain texture is most common. Fiberglass doors can be painted and do not require much maintenance. Their main downside is that they can crack if they sustain serious impact, such as being rammed with a blunt object during a home invasion.

Steel – About half of all residential entry doors in the United States are steel doors. Steel is both the least expensive and, arguably, the most secure of the three primary door material options. The main problem with steel is its durability. Although steel doors will last for many years, it can be challenging to keep them looking nice. They sustain dents easily, and any scratches are likely to rust if they aren’t repaired promptly.

Wood – Wood doors are the most high-end choice. They look beautiful and are perfect for all kinds of homes. Although all wood doors are on the higher end of the price spectrum, exotic woods, such as zebrawood and ebony, are the most costly. The price of wood front doors is one of their primary downsides, coupled with the fact that they must be painted, stained, or sealed every year or two to maintain their appearance.

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