Everything Parents Should Know About Buying Windows

If you have small children in your household, home renovations can be more complicated than they were before you became a parent. Your household finances, for example, certainly look significantly different than they used to, which can impact the types of remodeling projects you’re able to take on. Furthermore, you undoubtedly have to worry more about safety than you previously did. This guide details the process of buying replacement windows if you are a parent of little ones.

Purchasing replacement windows is a common aspect of homeownership. Just about everyone has to buy new windows from time to time. In some cases, window panes and frames are damaged during bad weather. In others, they simply reach the end of their lifespans and no longer work properly. In the next few paragraphs, you will learn about a few safety mechanisms that are designed to keep children safe.

Invest in double-hung windows

Double-hung windows are among the most popular choices for today’s homeowners. These are the safest option on the market because of how they are designed. Where single hung windows have only one sash that allows the window to be opened from the bottom, double-hung styles can be opened from the top or the bottom, giving parents peace of mind. When the upper sash is used, the open area of the window is too high for toddlers or pets to accidentally fall out of.

It is worth noting that double-hung windows are typically slightly more expensive than single-hung models. You can, however, save money by waiting for local Carolina retailers to run sales and by researching manufacturer rebate offers. Another way to save money is to schedule your installation for fall or winter. Many installers charge less for labor during the cooler seasons of the year.

Select models with integrated blinds

The cords on window blinds can pose a major safety hazard for small children. If they are playing and happen to get the cords tangled around their necks, it is all too easy for them to suffer from a medical emergency. The best way to avoid this nightmare is, of course, to refrain from purchasing blinds. In some cases, though, privacy dictates that they have to be used.

If you need blinds in your house, consider purchasing double-paned windows that have blinds in the center. Although these are more expensive than traditional window coverings, they have a number of benefits. In addition to the fact that they are much safer, they don’t collect dust, and they can often be controlled from your smartphone.

Buy third-party products that work for your lifestyle

Numerous childproofing brands offer products that are designed to make windows safer for families. Window guards, for instance, are mesh or metal panels that are designed to fit in the lower portion of a window, thereby preventing falls. They are sold at most big box stores and home improvement retailers.

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