Everything You Need to Know About Common Home Designs

Although individual residential architectural styles are more common in some regions than others, many types of houses are seen throughout the United States. For instance, Spanish influenced homes are most prevalent in Arizona, New Mexico, and California, while Colonial residences are frequently seen in the Northeast’s original thirteen colonies. 

If you’re thinking about building or buying a home in North Carolina or South Carolina in the near future, it is important for you to have a grasp of certain popular sorts of American houses. In this guide, you’ll see descriptions of common home styles you should know if you’re a Carolinian. 

Colonial architecture

As mentioned above, colonial-style houses are particularly common in Northeastern states; many of these historic residences were actually built during the American Colonial era. These types of houses have an extremely traditional look. They generally feature a center staircase, crown molding, and other decorative features. The Colonial-style surged in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, and these timeless houses remain classic and popular today. 

Ranch architecture 

As one might expect, ranch-style houses began on actual ranches, specifically in California. Ranch homes are among the most common in the United States. Practical and easy to build, these one-story houses typically have an open living space in the center and, in California style ranches, often have exposed beam ceilings and large windows for a cross breeze. Ranch homes became popular during the Baby Boom era following World War II and never went out of style. 

Modern farmhouse architecture

Modern farmhouse style is quite popular in Southeastern states like North Carolina and South Carolina. These homes generally have large, wraparound front porches and rustic touches, like raw wood beams, interior shiplap, and lots of reclaimed wood features. Carriage doors and gabled rooflines are also hallmarks of the modern farmhouse look. It is important to note that interior decorations are almost as important as exterior style in regard to this home style. 

Craftsman architecture 

The term “Craftsman home” actually encompasses multiple house styles. The most common Craftsman is the conventional Craftsman bungalow, but Prairie homes and modified bungalows also fall into this category. Certain elements that all Craftsman residences share are large corbels, decorative roof gables, and tapered columns on porches with overhanging roofs. 

The Craftsman movement was all about creating things from scratch, hence its name. As a result of this, many original Craftsman style homes were built by the original owners themselves. This is a fun detail for Carolina residents who live in historic Craftsmen. Even today, many people who live in these types of houses try to add details, such as porch swings or stained glass windows, made by local artisans. 

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