Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Downspouts

No matter what type of house you live in or what part of the Carolinas you reside in, your gutter system is undoubtedly an important part of your residence. Many homeowners, in fact, don’t even realize how much gutters impact their houses until something goes awry. An improperly functioning gutter system can lead to serious structural problems. 


As you continue reading this guide, you will uncover the basics of gutter downspouts and why they are so important to the overall functionality of your house. Keep in mind that every home’s gutter system is unique, so which this general guide will help you understand gutters in an overarching capacity, you should consult a professional if you have questions specifically related to your situation. 


What exactly is a downspout?


A downspout is the portion of a gutter system that connects to the gutter at the edge of your home’s roofline and runs, appropriately, down the side of your house to the ground. The downspout tube helps water run efficiently and effectively out of your gutter troughs, draining away from your foundation, and, ultimately, preventing structural damage. 


What if my downspout seems too short?


At the end of any downspout, there should be a gutter drain. This drain should be designed to use gravitational pull to draw water away from a home’s foundation, ultimately distributing it safely and evenly into a section of the yard. In some cases, however, downspouts need to be extended either to reach drains that are located far away from a house – such as the end of a driveway – or to fix a faulty original design. 


Fortunately, downspout extenders are both easy to procure and easy to install. These flexible pieces are often made from silicone or hard rubber. They are designed to easily attach to the bottom of any downspout and can subsequently be pulled out or even turned as needed. 


How do I clean a downspout?


Homeowners should be having their gutters cleaned at least once a year – typically two times a year in heavily forested areas like the mountains of North Carolina – at which point downspouts ought to be serviced, as well. However, sometimes between cleanings downspouts require urgent attention if debris becomes clogged. 


If you are not comfortable cleaning a downspout yourself, or if your home’s entire gutter system is due for an inspection, it is important to contact a qualified contractor at your earliest convenience. 


What can gutter downspouts be made from?

Although downspout extenders, as previously noted, are typically made from a flexible material, downspouts themselves can be crafted from the same materials as gutter systems. Alumium, for instance, is a popular choice. Many homeowners also opt for vinyl in the modern age. The most expensive choice for gutters and downspouts is copper, which, while pricey, can last for up to a cenutry without being replaced!


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