Everything You Should Know About Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding, produced by the James Hardie company is just one manufacturer of this specific siding type, which has been growing in popularity over recent years. Homeowners are attracted to this siding material because of its durability, beautiful appearance, and overall longevity. If you’ve been thinking about having new siding installed on your home in the near future and you aren’t sure you want to go with vinyl again, fiber cement just might be the perfect choice for you.

In this brief guide, you’ll see several frequently asked questions and answers about the James Hardie company’s most famous product. By the time you’re done reading, you should have a solid understanding of why fiber cement siding is a good option and have the ability to talk to your contractor about whether or not it is the best choice for your upcoming remodeling job.

What is fiber cement made of?

Fiber cement, as you probably expected from its name, contains a high percentage of cement, mixed with several other materials that add strength and durability. Cellulose is added for flexibility, which helps the siding boards withstand high winds and storms. Sand functions as a filler and adds extra weight, which makes the siding more sturdy. Finally, water serves as a mixing agent that helps to combine all of the other ingredients that are used to create fiber cement.

What are the benefits of fiber cement siding?

As already mentioned, fiber cement siding is known for its durability. People who reside in coastal regions of the Carolinas especially appreciate this because fiber cement is more likely than other materials to withstand hurricanes with little damage. Another perk of fiber cement siding is that its color is baked on through a special kiln firing process, so it doesn’t fade nearly as quickly as other siding options. Typically, fiber cement siding is rated to last for at least 30 years, barring unforeseen circumstances.

What styles of fiber cement are available?

Fiber cement siding is unique because it can be made to look like various other siding styles. Homeowners who love the look of wood siding, for instance, often ultimately select fiber cement because it requires lower maintenance and looks very woodlike. It is also important to consider the overall aesthetic of your home when choosing siding.

If, for example, you reside in a very traditional residence, you might want to pick a relatively muted, conventional hue for your siding. You should also make sure your neighborhood doesn’t have homeowner’s association regulations that dictate what siding colors are acceptable for renovation projects.

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