Everything You Should Know About Gutter Guards

If you are a homeowner, it is almost inevitable that you will find yourself thinking about your gutter system at some point in time. Often, until something goes wrong, homeowners don’t realize precisely how important their gutters are, but without them, rainfall can wreak havoc. Over time, water damage can even lead to serious structural problems that take years – and lots of money – to repair. 


If you’ve recently been looking into gutter systems and gutter accessories for any reason at all, you have probably run across the term “gutter guards.” These gutter add-ons are designed to protect your gutter system from getting clogged and causing the aforementioned issues. Here, we take a look at everything you should know before investing in gutter guards. 


What exactly are gutter guards?


Gutter guards are covering that are designed to prevent gutter clogs. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as foam, mesh, copper, aluminum, and vinyl. All gutter guards, regardless of material, have the same goal – to prevent ice build-up in cold regions and stop leaves, lawn waste, and other debris from hindering your gutters’ functionality. 


Additionally, gutter guards can stop rodents and birds from chewing through the sides of your gutters or making nests in them. Some even have small enough holes that insects are unable to get through, preventing them from breeding in your gutters and ultimately infesting your house.

Gutter guards are especially useful for Carolina residents who live in hurricane prone areas, as they can minimize the risk of storm damage. 


What are the specific benefits of gutter guards?


While we briefly addressed some of the benefits of gutter guards in the previous section, but here, we dive into specific benefits you can expect if you choose to purchase gutter guards for your North Carolina or South Carolina home. 


Stops damage from ice and other debris.


Although not all areas of North Carolina and South Carolina get snow, some do, and gutter guards can be quite useful for residents in those regions. Gutter guards prevent ice and snow buildup in gutter troughs, which not only ensures that the gutters continue functioning properly, but can prevent ice dams from forming in some cases.


Furthermore, as noted earlier, their primary purpose is to stop various forms of debris, including leaves and twigs, from forming clogs in gutters. 


Prevents pests from invading your space.


Many homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how much insects, rodents, and other pests love gutters. These dark, moist spaces are the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos and a variety of other pests. Gutter guards, however, stop unwanted animals from entering your gutters in the first place, hopefully forcing them off of your property for good. 


Can reduce the risk of fire. 


Although North Carolina and South Carolina are not known for forest fires, North Carolina, in particular, has some heavily wooded areas that could be a cause for concern during droughts, for example. Fortunately, gutter guards can actually reduce the risk of a wildfire impacting your home. 


This is due to the fact that the guards prevent dry materials, like dead leaves, from lining your gutters, making it next to impossible for errant embers to ignite. 


If you think gutter guards are a great option for your family, the Hatch Homes team is here to help you choose the right product for your needs. Call our office today to learn more about all of the gutter guard styles that are available to you.

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