Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Organization

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No matter how hard you try to stay on-top of organizing your kitchen, it can be next to impossible to remain ahead-of-the-game. The kitchen is usually the busiest room in any household, which means it tends to amass the most clutter and mess. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, you can create the organized kitchen space you’ve always dreamed of. 

Declutter first. 

In order to start organizing the items you need to have in your Carolina kitchen, you must first get rid of anything that you don’t need to keep. This will help you see what you actually have. Decluttering can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you begin by purging the following list of items you are unlikely to ever use:

  • Food storage containers that are stained, cracked, missing lids, or contain BPA.
  • Broken appliances (i.e. coffee grinders that don’t work, blenders that don’t turn on, etc.)
  • Any kitchen tool you haven’t used in a year or more (i.e. milk frothers and other specialty items you ended-up not using like you thought you would)
  • Expired food products

Focus on the pantry.

A disorganized pantry can lead to all sorts of disorganization throughout your kitchen. After all, if you can’t see what you have available to cook, it is very difficult to successfully meal prep and plan menus for your family. There are some key changes you should make to your current pantry system if you hope to organize it once and for all: 

  • Buy baskets: Durable woven or plastic baskets should be used to store chips, veggie straws, fruit crisps, and other snack-type foods that your family members may want to grab at-will throughout the day. 
  • Choose airtight canisters: Airtight canisters, preferably made of glass, are the best place to store pasta, lentils, rice, and other dry goods. Since these foods have a long shelf life, this is a great way to prevent them from drawing bugs and rodents. Canisters also have a great look from an aesthetic standpoint. 
  • Bins: Small storage bins can be used for canned goods, rice and tuna packs, and any other packaged foods that are designed for stacking. There are some specially designed can bins, so be on the lookout for those when you shop!

Add drawer organizers.

Even after you’ve cleaned out your Carolina home’s kitchen drawers and gotten rid of anything you don’t need, you may still think your drawers look messy. Drawer organizers are a great solution. These are typically quite inexpensive and are available in wood, plastic, or acrylic styles. Drawer organizers will help you keep cutlery, serving utensils, and other essentials neat for everyday use and special occasions. 

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to the organized kitchen of your dreams. Remember, if you have small children, it’s important to child-proof kitchen cabinets, drawers, and counter corners as you work to upgrade your space. If you need help with your kitchen organization project, don’t hesitate to contact a professional organizer who serves your area of North Carolina or South Carolina. These experts are often more affordable than homeowners expect them to be!

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